Welcome to little steps to health!

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Hi I’m Dixie and I’m finally ready to post!

This blog has been a long time coming

for many reasons:

I hate technology!

I procrastinated!

I needed time to learn about blogging

I prayed about this for a long time

Then when I was sure this idea was from God, I prayed some more!

So here we are today and ready for the first post!

I’m absolutely thrilled that you my friend are checking out this blog!

Little steps to health  incorporates small changes to our lives.

We’ve all been on diets and exercise programs

we try to change everything about our lives all at once.

We might have success for a week or two but then something happens….

 everyday life

and we are right back to our old habits.

Sometimes getting healthy can feel like climbing a mountain.

Come climb the mountain of health and well being with me!

We’ll learn 4 little steps and practice them for a month.

We’ll borrow mountain climbing jargon and tools.

We’ll support and encourage each other as we climb.

Come climb the mountain of health and well being with me!

Every mountain is climbed one little step at a time!

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I'm your supporter, encourager and challenger in your quest to be healthy and well. Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Every little step makes a difference!

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