Getting started with little steps

Hi I’m Dixie.

I want to encourage, support and challenge you in your quest to be healthy.

We don’t need any more information;

what we need are access to Jesus’ power

incremental steps to practice the good things we already know,

and connection with other women.

Together we will climb the mountain of health and well-being.

We’ll symbolically borrow mountain climbing tools, strategies and jargon.

I will be your team leader and Jesus will be our guide.

We will start at Base Camp,

there will be one little step

in nutrition,


healthy thinking,

and the most important step – accessing God’s power,

for a total of four little steps.

Once those become habits,

we climb to the next camping level.

We will build on the steps we have already taken,

incorporating new habits.

We will make lifestyle changes that we can do for the rest of our lives.

A mountain is climbed one little step at a time!

Come climb with me!

For more of my story click on About

 Check in again real soon to learn more about climbing together!

I’m excited to meet you all and share our journey.

Your sister in step,


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I'm your supporter, encourager and challenger in your quest to be healthy and well. Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Every little step makes a difference!

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