Could just 10 minutes of exercise make a difference in your health?


A new study by Dr. Timothy Church,

at Louisiana State University

found that even 10 minutes of exercise a day can improve your health.

We have so many excuses why we can’t exercise.

It’s too hard. I’m out of shape.

I’m not coordinated. I hate the gym scene.

I have no discipline. I hate sports.

I don’t see any results.

The biggest excuse we use is I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME!


Today’s piece of climbing equipment is your hiking boots!


Put on those boots and let’s walk and talk about the importance of

even little bits of exercise.

Dr. Timothy Church, director of Preventive Medicine Research at Louisiana State   stated that, “It was surprising to us, the idea that as little as 10 to 15 minutes of exercise a day could provide benefit in terms of fitness.”

“The research found that when overweight or obese,sedentary women  started to exercise an average of 72 minutes a week,( 10 minutes a day)they increased their peak oxygen consumption- a measure of cardiovascular      fitness – by 4.2 percent compared to women who stayed on the sidelines.”  As reported by the Washington Post May 15, 2007

Dr. Church stated that the women in the study walked at a low-speed,

comparable to a stroll in the Mall.

We can do that my friend!

“Physical activity is clearly beneficial for your health.This study shows that any activity is good, and more is better,” said Dr. I-Min Lee,an associate professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, both in Boston.

Please be encouraged my friend,

every little step does really make a difference!

We CAN find 10 minutes everyday to exercise!

Talk to your Doctor if there is any reason why you should not exercise and get permission first.

If walking is difficult, then try some chair exercises.  I recommend Anne Burnell. Her programs improve strength, flexibility, energy and coordination and are all done in a chair.

Click on this link www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7zCDiiTBTk. This video is about 8 minutes long.

Remember if you are new to exercise to just do 5 minutes and then later in the day do another 5 minutes.

Think about an activity that you like to do and do it for 10 minutes everyday.

I really like to walk outside. It helps me cope with stress and it’s fun. My husband Don also likes to walk so we walk and talk.

However, I live in Northern Ontario Canada and we have some nasty winter weather. When the weather prevents a walk, I do a walk DVD.

I highly recommend Leslie Sansone and her walking DVDs. There are no crazy dance steps, just walking and no skinny scantily clad women either.

Leslie is fun, chatty, in her forties and a great encourager. Click on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndVjwkaLGDk for a beginner 1 mile walk that is 15 minutes long.

Remember if you are new to exercise to do 5 minutes and then another 5 minutes later in your day.

If you are physically active already then go ahead and do 10 minutes, you may even do the whole mile with Leslie.

Be intentional about exercising as it needs to be a priority! 

You’ll feel better, more in control and you’ll never be sorry you did it.

    TODAY’S little STEP: If you are not currently physically active you need to move your body in an enjoyable way for 10 minutes everyday. If you are active it’s still 10 minutes of intentional exercise everyday. You choose what works for you!

      Here’s a verse for us, let’s claim the power that is available to us.  Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

See you next time for another piece of climbing equipment, your backpack!

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Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Together we will navigate life. No diet. No program. Just real life struggles and successes! But believe this statement - Every little step makes a difference!


  1. Walking is an area I have success in! An hour a day with my best girlfriend, 5 days a week. I would like to challenge myself to fit in some walking on the weekends. Dixie, I really enjoyed our walk in Laurier Woods, North Bay, on Friday morning. Thanks!

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