How do I pray? Can I really pray about everything? Does God really care about the little details of my life? He sure does! God loves and adores you, and me, more than we can ever imagine. We are His beloved daughters. No concern is too small for His attention. He wants to help.

This January I was challenged to just choose one word for 2016. My word is prayer.

I would usually go buy a new book on prayer. However, this year I went straight to the Bible to read and study by myself. I’m not a Bible scholar. I’m a regular woman just like you. It has been an amazing learning experience. I have been studying where, when, and why Jesus prayed when He lived on earth. Here’s a just a little of what I’ve learned so far and how I’m applying it in my life.

Where? He often went somewhere to be alone. A few times it was on a mountainside or an olive garden. He went somewhere quiet. Jesus needed to be alone with God.

Jesus prayed somewhere quiet and where He could be alone.  

When? Jesus prayed before and after events in His life. He prayed after He found out that His cousin John the Baptist was murdered. He prayed after He ministered to groups of people.

He prayed before and after He performed miracles.

He prayed before He chose His disciples.

He prayed for the future ministry of His disciples.

He prayed just before He was going to have to die.

He prayed early in the morning before His day with people began. He prayed for most of the night, about 8 hours, on occasion.

Jesus prayed before and after events in His life and ministry. He prayed in the morning before His day began. He sacrificed sleep for the priority of prayer.

Why? Now this is the hard part to understand. He was God’s perfect Son so He didn’t need to pray for the same reasons we do. Or did He? He prayed about the details of His life because He needed to have a conversation with His Heavenly Father.

He prayed because He was very sad when John died. He was also very concerned for John’s disciples.

He prayed for the people He ministered to. He knew their needs.

He prayed before He chose His disciples because He wanted God’s input into that important decision. He prayed for His disciples and the important role they would have in His ministry.

He prayed before He died when He was in great distress. He prayed that God would be glorified even though He was dreading the crucifixion and the separation from God His Father.

Jesus prayed because He wanted to have a conversation with His Heavenly Father. He sought direction, He interceded on behalf of others and He listened to the Father.


What am I doing?  If Jesus needed to pray when He was here then so do I!

I’m easily distracted. If I sit a the kitchen table to pray I notice the placemats and wonder if I should get some new ones for spring. Before I know it I’m thinking about what color they should be and where I will buy them. Uh not good!

I’ve switched to another room with fewer distractions; it’s my War Room. I need to be alone and where it’s quiet.

I try to get up a little earlier so I can pray before my day gets too busy. It really sets the tone for the whole day. I’m praying for people and ministries. For direction in the big and little details of my life and those I love. I’m praying thorough out my day for patience, wisdom and grace.

I’m learning that prayer is my opportunity to talk to my loving Heavenly Father. As I spend time with Him I’m getting better at being quiet and listening. I’m not doing all the talking.

How are you doing? Are you calling out to God in prayer? Accessing God’s power is the most important change most of us need to make in our journey up the Mountain of Health and Well-being. Our health journey needs to be something we pray about. God will empower us and strengthen us when we ask for help.

God says,“Then you will call on Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:12  

TODAY’S little STEP: Talk to God in prayer. He loves you and He wants to help with all the details of your life. Access that power!

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