Make this your best fall ever!

Do you feel like September is your New Year?

I do.

I guess it’s because school begins and lots of programs start in my Church and community.

It’s the time of year that I make decisions about the upcoming year.

I have also learned that the routines that I start in the first few weeks are the ones that I usually continue to follow.

So setting those new routines requires careful thought, as they will quickly become habit.

I know because in the summer I created a few new routines. I had 2 cups of coffee (way too much creamer!) every morning. I ate a late night snack as I made lunches, alone in the kitchen. These routines became poor habits in no time.

I want to intentionally make some new routines this September/New Year, which will eventually become good habits.

A short strength training session before breakfast is a good new routine that I would like to do this year. If I do it first thing in the morning then I know it won’t get missed.

My other new routine is to make lunches right after dinner. I won’t be tempted to sample and I can get out of the kitchen for the evening. My friend shuts the light off to signal that the kitchen is closed.

I like that idea.

So what about you, friend? What are your new routines going to be this year? Be careful and intentional when starting those new routines.

Little choices soon become habits.


Maybe your new routine will be more sleep? Research seems to indicate that lack of sleep increases our cravings for food – more information on that later.

Or maybe you are going to find a new routine to move your body more. Maybe you’ll sign up for an exercise class or plan an early evening walk.

If you need some ideas check out Base Camp and Camps 1,2 and 3 in the word cloud (just click on those words to the right and you will get to a previous post).

There are a number of little steps you can take.

You need to make a firm commitment this fall.

Little choices soon become habits.

TODAY’S little STEP: Pick  one step or routine from the camps that you will incorporate into your life this fall. Or pick your own idea and share it with the group. Every little step makes a difference!

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Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Together we will navigate life. No diet. No program. Just real life struggles and successes! But believe this statement - Every little step makes a difference!

3 thoughts on “Make this your best fall ever!

  1. Wow…were you reading my mind???I have to change a few things because I often go back to my bad habits and then the cycle begins…gain/loose gain/loose only it’s the same 5lbs. I’ve lost over 50lbs in the past year but it’s been the same 5lbs!!! Not good…thanks for your encouragement and ideas! You are such a blessing Sister Chick, Gwen


  2. I don’t usually eat breakfast until noon or if at work have lunch.lm hungry later on at night l have started eating yogurt when l get up and a fruit and it has been helping.
    Also morning is hard to exercise going to start a small walk after supper.thanks fir sharing dixie l love the fall maybe that’s when l should start my new changes too

  3. Everyone , to take little step and God will work it out for you and l love fall it is so beautiful and God is working everything out for me….Praise the Lord that he love us so much…and girls make good choice and listening to a little (age) Girl haha

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