Don’t believe everything you think!

Don’t believe everything you think! Some thoughts are lies. They impact our lives and leave us wondering why we can’t stick with our healthy lifestyle plan.

Research states that our minds think 60 thoughts per minute! That sounds like an incredible number. But we need to realize that certain thoughts are necessary to keep our bodies functioning. Some are related to what our senses are taking in and processing.

But a large number of our thoughts are so routine that they need to be taken captive and given a quick test.

That thought is like a wild horse. Capture it and put it in a corral.

Ask these 3 questions.

1.Is this thought based on truth?

2.Is it negative?

3.Is it a lie?

Let’s ask those questions on this thought

‘I’m on a trip it’s ok to eat whatever I want’.

  1. not true, a trip does not mean you can abandon your healthy choices

  2. it is not a negative statement but the consequences will be negative

  3. yes, it’s a lie you believe so that you can overeat in restaurants and eat junk food

Now we need to replace it with a truth statement.

‘I make healthy choices when I am on a trip.’

It doesn’t sound like it makes a big difference but when you really think and believe that statement your actions follow.

When you go on a trip you buy fruit and healthy snacks. You drink mostly water. When eating in a restaurant you make wise choices.

This is one of my lies that I believe.

I work hard to replace with the truth.

It requires that I think and say the healthy self-talk statement and then follow it with my actions.

We are encouraged in the Bible to capture our thoughts.




Here are a few lies and replacement healthy self-talk statements.

Lie   I’m a big person; I need lots of food to fuel my body.

Truth  I’m a big person; I eat smaller portions more often to fuel my body.


Lie  My life is crazy! I can’t find time to exercise or eat healthy.

Truth  I find time to move my body and I eat healthy food everyday, because my life is crazy.


Lie  I’m having guests. I can’t keep to my healthy eating plan while they are in my home.

Truth  I serve my guests a variety of food. Everyone needs to make healthy choices.


Lie  Super sizing the meal is the best deal.

Truth  Making the healthiest choice is the best deal.

Lie  There isn’t any exercise I can do because I’m so out of shape.

Truth  I can move my body for 5 minutes twice a day.

Today’s little step: Identify 2 lies and replace them with the truth. Write them out on a card or put them on your phone. Whenever those lies pops into your mind replace them with the truth!


Watch your thoughts, they become words;

watch your words, they become actions;

watch your actions, they become habits;

watch your habits, they become character;

watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Frank Outlaw


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