Authentic love: the priceless gift!


This Valentine’s Day will be different!

Yes, we’ll have a candle light dinner, with chocolate cake for dessert, like always.

But the expressions of love this year are intensified because of the recent loss of a well-loved brother.

Oh, the people I love are so precious!


When you experience this kind of shocking loss it puts life into perspective.

Priorities change.

Irritations lose their power.

Stuff loses its appeal.

Careers lose their supremacy.

Tasks and to-do lists can wait.

What really matters in life?


I HAVE the time to stop and chat with an acquaintance.

For coffee shop visits with good friends.

Telephone calls and long texts are WORTH the time.

There IS time for interruptions. Interruptions involve people.

There IS time for long conversations, even late at night.

Time to share a joke or a good memory.

Time, one of our most valued commodities, needs to be spent on



With this recent loss came FEAR.

FEAR that I too may lose those I love most.

With God’s help I am not letting FEAR be immobilizing.

Instead it is a FEAR that moves me to action!

This FEAR moves me to the action of loving my people well.

Hugs and kisses are given and received everyday.

The value of dinner preparation and the time spent around the table laughing and talking is priceless!

Acts of service done in love speak volumes.

Kind and loving words reach deep into hearts.

Memories are made and cherished everyday.

I don’t want time to dim the intensity of these feelings!

I want to live a life of no regrets!

I want to love my people well!

TODAY’S little STEP: Love your people well! They are a precious gift from God!

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