Be brazen and kiss the bathroom scale goodbye!

Did you know there is a device that defines your self worth and can predict the future? For a mere 35 dollars you can buy this electronic device at Wal-Mart.

There are special instructions that must be followed carefully.

After your shower, while still undressed, step on the device and then look down.

A number will appear.

Your brain will instantly process that number and your self worth will correspond to the number.

If the number is higher than the last time you stepped on, your self worth will be registered as low.

Your day will start off bad and you will likely feel lousy all day.

There is a good chance you will eat high fat or high salt foods throughout the day.

If the number is lower than the last time you stepped on your self worth will be registered as high.

Your day will start off good and you will feel wonderful all day.

You will choose healthy foods throughout your day.

Why do we let a stupid number on the bathroom scale, have so much power?

It’s crazy that we let it define our self worth and predict how our day will unfold.

All that number does is tell you how much your body weighs at that moment.

That number does not reflect much about your true health. It doesn’t say anything about the little steps you are taking to be healthy.

A number does not define my self worth

(not my feet, or my number, lol)

*The  bathroom scale doesn’t observe other changes in your health: that you are sleeping better, have more energy, are less moody, feel stronger and have fewer cravings.

*The scale doesn’t reveal that you are exercising everyday and have a healthier heart and more endurance.

*The scale doesn’t take into account that you ate a meal the night before that contained a lot of salt and you are retaining water.

*The scale doesn’t recognize that you are a woman and that your monthly cycle affects the number.

*The scale doesn’t identify that you have lost fat and replaced it with muscle.

*The scale can’t detect that your clothes are looser because you have lost inches.

*The scale doesn’t perceive that your body is well hydrated and nourished.

*The bathroom scale doesn’t know that you are smart, creative, loving, nurturing, fun, attractive and sexy!

A stupid number on the bathroom scale does not define our value; it’s time to take back the power!

Instead of using the bathroom scale to define our progress on our health journey, try this idea.

Use a pair of non-stretch jeans as your guide; ones that fit well and you wear regularly. Try them on once a week and check the fit.

If they feel just right then keep making and maintaining those little changes.

A little snug, then make a few more little changes.

Can’t do the zipper up, it’s probably hormonal, try again in a few days. When they start to get loose keep up the good work.

Another idea is to get out your measuring tape and measure your chest, waist, hips and thighs. Record the results.

Then once every two weeks re-measure.

Or take a picture, while wearing a tight fitting outfit.

Then once every 2 weeks take another picture and compare.

TODAY’S little STEP: Put the  bathroom scale away for a while. Choose to use the measurements, the jeans or the picture as the tool that will assess our progress.

Remember you are a beautiful beloved daughter of the King and He establishes your value!

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I'm your supporter, encourager and challenger in your quest to be healthy and well. Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Every little step makes a difference!


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