How will I cope with the empty nest?

Our last little chickie is leaving the nest!


Our daughter Katie will be moving out of our home. She will be working in full time ministry.

She will be the Program Director at Galilean Bible Camp.

We are pleased with the good choices she has made. God has blessed her with many gifts, which she will be using to serve Him.

This mother hen has been preparing for an empty nest.


That’s my style.  I like to be prepared. I’ve chatted with my empty nest friends and got some excellent advice.

One said, “Allow yourself time to grieve if you need to.”

Another said, “Enjoy time with your husband again, like when you were newlyweds!”

I think I already understand the vast difference in the feelings behind those statements.

I read a really good book called Barbara and Susan’s Guide To The Empty Nest, Discovering new purpose, passion and your next great adventure. These women write with experience.

They also give some exciting challenges, like don’t fill your calendar with activity.

Take a rest if you need to.

I really liked the idea of pursuing some long lost hobbies and passions.

After years of child raising and meeting their needs first, that season of my life is coming to a close. I will have my time back!

The big goal when you have children is that one day they become self-sufficient adults and move out.

So that big goal is met! Wow!

I’m 57 and ready for my new stage of life!

I’m just defining what the empty nest stage will encompass.

I do know there are two new activities that I will be pursuing.

There are some young women who are interested in having me mentor them.

I love to come along side young women especially Moms and encourage them.

I’m old enough now that I can embrace the ‘older woman’ role with ease.

I have been given opportunities to speak at Women’s meetings. It is exciting for me to share my Little Steps to Health ideas.


I also like to share encouraging messages that offer women hope and confidence in God’s love for them. I will have the time and energy needed to study and write!

Chatting with you through this blog is another activity that will continue to be a priority. I’m working on some big changes with the help of my tech. guy! Thanks Mark!

This week I’m helping Katie pack and move some stuff. I need to be involved in that process. It’s part of the letting go. You know cleaning the new place, measuring windows for curtains and helping her settle in?  It’s a Mom thing!

TODAY’S little STEP: Be fully engaged at whatever stage of parenting you are at! Time flies! Before you know it, you too will have an empty nest!

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