5 benefits of eating your veggies!

This super food is low in calories, high in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

It comes individually packaged and can be eaten raw or cooked.

It’s Doctor approved and recommended.

What’s your guess? Fruit?

Nope, it’s vegetables!

Eating more vegetables is one of the simplest changes we can make to improve our overall health.

We all heard it while we moved the slimy cold brussels sprouts around and around on our plates. “Eat your veggies. They’re good for you”!

Some of us grew up hating veggies because they were chosen for us and poorly prepared. In my case boiled until they were mushy.

The choices available to us are incredible!

We aren’t limited to frozen corn or brussels sprouts anymore!

The produce section of the grocery store is a feast for the eyes!


Such a variety of color and texture!

This week’s little step is to eat one more serving of veggies.

If I’m writing to a veggie hater I am confident you can find at least one veggie that you like.

Add a half-cup of raw or cooked veggies to your daily food intake.

If you already love veggies add a half-cup to your daily food intake anyway.

grumpy girl

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In case you need to be reminded again that they are good for you.

Here are some of the amazing benefits.

Eating more vegetables can lower our risk of developing arthritis, heart disease, stroke, dementia and cancer.

Vegetables fill our stomachs with nutrient rich, low calorie fuel!

We also feel fuller for longer because of the high fiber content.

When we replace higher calorie foods with vegetables, we win. Especially when we step into our clothes and they fit loosly.


A plate of raw veggies can help satisfy the hand to mouth, crunch and munch craving.

Those are good reasons to eat our veggies!

Personally, I like to eat most of mine raw and crunchy at lunchtime. No more boiled and mushy veggies for me!


Today’s little step: Add a one half-cup serving of vegetables to your daily food intake. Choose ones that appeal to you.

Every journey begins with one little step.

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Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Together we will navigate life. No diet. No program. Just real life struggles and successes! But believe this statement - Every little step makes a difference!

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