Creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Do you need a spark of creativity to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day?   

Need some date ideas?

Wondering how to include your kids and maybe make some new traditions? 

How about ideas to reach out to friends and neighbors?  

Are you interested in a few communication/marriage tips from an older woman? 

Keep reading my friend.

Are you tired of the dinner and a movie kind of date nights?  Why not change it up?

Ever had a home date?  Because sometimes you can’ t get a babysitter or you just don’t feel like spending all that money on restaurant food! 

Stay in dates don’t cost a lot of money but they still make a big impact in rekindling feelings and help you reconnect.

Have a later candle light dinner when the kids are in bed for the night!  For a fraction of the price you can buy really good steak and bbq it or broil it yourself. 

Have a picnic in the living room.  Have your favorite summer foods.  Forget about February weather for the night.  Dream about summer and make plans.

Have a board game or video game night.  Buy the best snacks and enjoy the competition.  Whoever loses has to clean the kitchen.

Have a Netflix marathon of your favorite show.  Snuggle on the couch.  Popcorn is a must!

Click here and here for links to some fun sites for more at home date ideas.

Have fun teaching your children about Valentine’s Day. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to show them how you love them too.  Make it special.

I have great memories of our candle light dinners for 4.  When our children were little we had a candle light dinner with fancy glasses (from the dollar store) with red punch.  The menu usually included pasta because it had red sauce and was also a family favorite.  Dessert was often heart shaped or chocolate, sometimes both.  I wanted my children to grow up thinking candle light dinner for Valentine’s Day was what everyone did.

Decorate your home with a Valentine theme.  The Dollar store has tons of decorations.  Let the kids decorate.

Take paper hearts and write something you appreciate about your child on them.  Then tape the hearts to their bedroom door the night before Valentine’s Day.  Everyone likes to be affirmed.

Or how about sending notes in your kid’s lunch?  Just a little bit of encouragement in the middle of a rough day can bring a smile to their faces.  Click here for a link for printable lunch box notes.

Reach out to others. Valentine’s Day can be lonely.

You could make treats or pick up some inexpensive treats from the Dollar store.  Then give them to neighbors, bus drivers, single friends and if you are brave even to complete strangers.  It’s such fun to surprise someone.

Every year some friends and I make Valentines for the widows and single women at our Church.  I love seeing the smiles on their faces when we present them with a handmade Valentine.  Here’s a link for more ideas and printable tags.

Valentine’s Day has such hype around it.  The status quo says you are supposed to get chocolates and flowers and a beautiful card.  But what if your guy isn’t romantic. 

Real life is not like movies or romance novels.  It’s so easy to be disappointed because we have unrealistic expectations.   

Help your guy win!  Our guys love us and want to please us but they can’t read our minds.  Don’t make him guess. 

We seem to think that if he loves us he will know what we would like.  So I am going to say it again, ‘he can’t read your mind’. 

I learned a long time ago that if something was important to me I needed to let Don know.  I don’t need flowers or chocolates.  But one of my love languages is ‘words of affirmation’, so I really like to receive a mushy card.  

If you haven’t read Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages I recommend you check it out.  Here’s a link to a quick outline of the five love languages. 

Find out your guys’ love language so that you can love him well.

Those of us who have been married for many years know that good communication is one of the keys to a long happy marriage.  

Help your guy love you well and tell him what you would like.  Remember he can’t read your mind!

Today’s little step:  Enjoy Valentine’s Day and celebrate your way!  Love your people well.

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