Are you tired of winter too?

It’s been a rough winter here with lots of storms and heaps and heaps of snow!  I’m done with winter!  How about you? 

I try not to complain too much.  I don’t like to displease my Great God.  I’m attempting to see the beauty and keep busy.  But it’s been a long hard winter. 

I want to have an attitude of gratitude.

Think about God as a creative artist.  God knew what He was doing when He designed snow to be white.  Realistically could we handle that much of any other color?  What if snow was purple or grey?  Yuck! 

Snow covers the dirt and grime.  It brightens up our days when the sun is hiding behind the clouds.  It lightens up the dark winter nights. And the beauty of sunshine on fresh snow is amazing!  It sparkles!

God looks at the beauty He created and is pleased.  Then we His children look at it and complain – just like when our kids complain about the dinner we just spent hours preparing.  He must be disappointed that we miss the beauty.

Here’s what I’m doing these long winter days and nights.

I decided that when spring comes I want to be outside!  So I am doing some winter cleaning-I’m inside anyway might as well make it worth my while.

The kitchen counter top is finally clear, small appliances are in the cupboard.

It seems like cleaning my floors is always one of the tasks that when time is short it doesn’t get done.  But this week the floors got cleaned.

I can see my entire desk.  Papers have been filed or thrown out.

I read other people’s blogs and listened to podcasts. 

I deleted hundreds of old emails.

I even had some time to check out Pinterest and create some new boards.

I restarted an online blogging course.  I’m ready now to try some new things.

I decorate with snowmen and every year I get tired of them the first week in March.  The snowmen are all put away.  There are flowers and greenery instead.

This is the time of year that we have an “I’m tired of winter party”. 

We close all the blinds so we can’t see the snow.  We turn up the heat and wear summer clothes.  Then we have our favorite summer foods.  Fun summer salads, we bbq burgers, we have strawberries and watermelon and ice cream cones.  It’s amazing how much those foods bring summer thoughts! 

Try it with your family!

Don and I dreaming about: spring and summer, our little cottage, long walks on a country road, eating on the deck and feeding the chickadees by hand! 

Today’s little step: Keep an attitude of gratitude and keep busy.  Hang in there my friend.  We have hope because spring will come!  It does every year!

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2 thoughts on “Are you tired of winter too?

  1. We were travelling back to Red Lake, Ont today from Winnipeg. I commented to Mike about how beautiful the rocks and trees look with all the soft white snow on them.
    It makes them look so clean and bright. Instead of dull dark colours before the leaves come out on the trees. Thinking about how God designed all this for us to enjoy.

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