Be more self-loving!

When you look in the mirror do you see the flaws first?  We are so unkind to our reflections.  We need to be more self-loving.

Maybe you have a wonderful smile, an amazing complexion or great hair.  Maybe you have great legs, beautiful hands or a slim waist. 

To be more self-loving we need to find something to be pleased with when we look in the mirror.  Then we need to pay ourselves a compliment out loud.

Yup, we need to say it out loud so that we hear it and believe it!

Here are few ideas to get you started.

“My hair looks really good today”.

“I have a great smile”.

“I look really good in this color”.

“These pants fit me really well”.

“My make up really helps me look put together”.

Today’s little step:  Every day give yourself at least one compliment.  Say it out loud and mean it!

Next week we will have some fun with fashion.

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I'm your supporter, encourager and challenger in your quest to be healthy and well. Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Every little step makes a difference!


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