Love and appreciate your body today!

Ever stood in front of your closet and just stared at your clothes?  You tried on an outfit, looked in the mirror and hung it back up? 

Then just felt like crying? 

Been there, done that!

A few years ago I read a great book by Shari Braendel

“In Help Me, Jesus! I Have Nothing To Wear! Shari Braendel teaches you how to finally love the body God gave you and how to look your best—from discovering your body shape and learning to dress it, to finding your best colors, to wearing jeans that flatter your thighs and hips, to finding the best places to shop to suit your unique personal style.”  (from the back cover)

This is one of my very favourite fashion, self image, self help books!  Don’t spend any more money on fashion magazines!  This is the only book you need to read because a real woman writes it to everyday women like us.

There is a cool color analysis that helped me decide on a group of colors that are the best for my skin tone and hair color.  I’m in the soft group and that means I look good in spring colors – butter yellow, teal blue, coral and mint green.  I purchased the color swatches that are available on her site.

I learned that my fashion style is classic modern.  I like dark washed jeans with a nice top and a colored jacket.  I keep current with a fun purse and boots.

No one has the perfect body and the front of those fashion magazines just make us feel worse!  Shari helped me define my body type based on where I gain weight most easily.  Then she helped me dress with that challenge area in mind.

I love jewellery and accessories and Shari advised me that proportion matters.  As a petite lady I need to keep my accessories small to medium so they don’t overpower me.

There are chapters on picking the best bathing suit, which underwear offers the best support and even one on jeans.  Shari also covers hair and make up too.  I told you it’s the best book I’ve ever read on fashion for the real woman!  I refer back to it often especially before I go shopping.

Shari offers some fun fashion tips on youtube and you can sign up for a free newsletter.

I leave you with a few words from Shari… “You are a uniquely created woman and God did NOT make a mistake with your body.  You have been given the exact features and shape that you are supposed to have, the perfect color eyes for you, and the hair color that naturally suits you best.  You are a masterpiece, indeed. And guess what else?  The God of the universe thinks you are amazing!”

Today’s little step:  Have some fun with fashion.  Check out Shari’s site.  I recommend you purchase her book!

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