Instantly choose the right necklace like a stylist!

Ever wondered which necklace to wear? The neckline on the top should be the deciding factor.

Here’s a fun graphic to help us choose the right necklace!

The words are a little bit small. Here are the descriptions for each top design.

  • Collared-a short or simple necklace or pendant worn inside the collar
  • Crew neck-a long or short statement necklace
  • Scoop neck-follow the curve of the neckline or a long V shaped necklace
  • One shoulder-pair with statement earrings instead
  • V neck-choose a v neck shaped necklace
  • Turtle neck-choose layers that lie below the turtle neck
  • Boat neck-a long necklace
  • Strapless-a shorter but larger necklace
  • Cowl neck-a short necklace or pendant, above the neckline

Hope that takes away some of the mystery of which necklace to wear!

Today’s little step: Be intentional about adding some necklaces to your everyday look! It adds sophistication!

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