The best fashion website for real women like us!

It’s spring and maybe you are wondering what new clothes to buy?  I found one of the best fashion websites and blog for real women like us!

  Corina at Frump Fighters offers fashion help for women, particularly Moms, fighting the frump monster!  She offers support to ‘women who want to dress cute and classy on crazy schedules’ but within a budget.  She has an eye for that really “put together look” that we all want.

Each season I like to purchase a few things to add to my spring/summer wardrobe.  I want the pieces to go with what I already have and just to change things up after all those months in turtlenecks and sweaters.   

Corina has researched the Spring and Summer trends for 2019 and she says, “There are 13 current trends that made the cut, and there are others that we chose NOT to include either because they were 1) expensive, 2) not modest/classy, and 3) not conducive to mom life!” I love her criteria for the fashion trends because they are mine too! 

Check out her spring/summer trends blog post.

I found out that light blue, yellow and polka dots are fun this spring. That ruffles and tassels on tops and dresses are trending.  I even found out which new sandals would be fun to complete my summer outfits.

Corina also offers lots of free printables.  She outlines a capsule wardrobe for each season and how all the pieces work together.  That’s the part most of us need help with, putting the pieces together.  She has saving strategies so we don’t overspend.  She has outfit planning for children and many really worthwhile printables!  She also has some great resources that can be purchased.

I encourage you to check out her site and sign up.  I did!

Today’s little step:  Check out this website for some fresh ideas for spring and summer wardrobe updates.

Remember you are the daughter of the King; so walk like it, talk like it, and dress like it!   

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3 thoughts on “The best fashion website for real women like us!

    1. You are very welcome Corina! I love your site and your fashion focus! I know some of my readers are now following you.
      May our Great God continue to bless you as you reach out to the world!

      You might want to check out my last post as I came up with a few ways to revamp a favorite purse when the handle is about to break or has a handle I don’t like. It’s frugal and creative and they turned out great! Always like to share good ideas with someone who likes the same things!


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