Love every moment!

I love signs!  My newest one says, “Love each moment”

Moments are short, quick little bits of time.

These are the moments I’ve been catching and loving:

Delicious hot tea sipped from a china mug. 

Watching the chickadees at the feeder.

Snuggling on the couch while watching TV.

Looking at my clean kitchen and appreciating my work.

Reading my Bible and realizing that it is relevant to my problems and my life.

Hearing my grand daughter Alice giggle.

Praying and being in awe that the King of the Universe cares about the details of my day. 

Reading a text from my kids.

But what about when a moment isn’t lovely?  Can I still love it?

Well I can look for the good. 

When I stumble and fall on the steps?  I can be thankful that I didn’t break any bones.

When a moment brings terrible news?  I can pray.  I know my God cares and He will help me.

What about all those messes that need to be cleaned up?  I can be thankful that my body works.  I know friends that are in a hospital beds who wish they could do everyday stuff.

A bad moment can be unkind words spoken in a disagreement.  It can teach me how to react better next time.

When I’m tired, frustrated and grumpy.  I can take a deep breath, pray and ask for help.

What about you?  What moments are you loving? 

Today’s little step:  Love the moments.  Don’t let them slip away unnoticed.

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I'm your supporter, encourager and challenger in your quest to be healthy and well. Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Every little step makes a difference!

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