Best do it yourself- life hack for purses!

Have you ever had to throw out a favorite purse because the handle broke? Or maybe the handle on a purse is way too long? Well, I found the best and easiest solution ever!

Replace the handle with a matching scarf! This purse originally had one of those long cross-body handles and it was way too long for this petite lady. I saw a scarf handle at Winners last week. That’s when I got the idea to replace the handle.

I checked my scarf rack and even found a perfectly matching scarf. Then as an added bonus, it had some bling on it too! How cool is that?

I cut off the long handle. Then I threaded the scarf through the metal loops at each end. I tied a knot a one end. Then I measured the length I wanted the handle to be and then threaded the scarf through the loop and tied another knot. Then I simply threaded the extra through the metal loop until it was at a length I liked.

Do you have an older purse with a handle that is wearing out like this one?

See how worn the handle is? It’s going to rip one day.

But not if I cover that handle with a pretty scarf!

Isn’t that just the best fix? Chances are that your choice of purses and scarfs will match up because of your colour choices. Even if you have to buy a new scarf it isn’t an expensive fix for your favorite purse.

Here are a few pictures to show you what I did.

Thread the scarf through the metal rings and measure so that one piece is long enough to completely cover the handle.

Then take the other piece and wrap it snuggly around the covered handle. When you get to the end of the handle tie a little knot and tuck the ends in. Then loop the extra through the metal loop until you have a length you like!

Today’s little step: Go ahead and do a scarf handle on one of your purses! It’s fun, creative and a lot cheaper than a new purse!

If you like this idea share it with your friends!

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