What do I do when I gain 5 pounds?

Just like that 5 pounds are back!  Urgh!  Yup, it happens to me too.  It doesn’t seem fair that the pounds sneak back on so easily!

I wondered how that had happened and thought about my food choices and my exercise.  I almost always have a long walk in the evening and sometimes a morning walk too.  So I knew it wasn’t because I hadn’t been active.

When I looked at my food choices there hadn’t been any of those crazy overeating kind of days.  

What I realized is that lots of little bites had slipped into my mouth and I didn’t even notice it.  I call it unintentional eating. 

Can you relate to what I discovered?

A handful of peanuts because the jar was on the table

Extra cream in my coffee

An ice cream treat every evening

Peanut butter AND nutella on my morning toast

A granola bar on the go

A cookie-just because I walked by them and saw them

A handful of chips when someone else is eating them

Now these aren’t terrible choices but for a petite lady like me those extra unintentional calories add up over time.  They eventually added up to 5 pounds!  Five pounds that I don’t need!

What’s a girl to do? 

I’m not ever going on a diet again!  I just obsess over food and it becomes my focus! 

Instead I am going to get intentional about what goes in my mouth!

I am going to take some of my own little steps to health!

I call it intentional eating.

Paying attention to portion sizes.  I’m reading packages to see what a portion size really is.  Not eating out of boxes or bags.  I put the portion in a bowl and then enjoy every bite.

Making nutrient rich food choices as they are usually lower in calories and I can eat more!  I can have a big plate of raw veggies that fill me up.  I have lots of hand to mouth movement so that satisfies my brain that I have been busy eating so I must be full. 

Stopping before I put something into my mouth and thinking and sometimes saying, “Is this something I really want to eat right now?  Is it worth it?”

My husband Don needs more food than I do so our portions should not be the same.  My portion needs to be smaller than his! It means I use my smaller plate to help the portions be my size. 

Treats are fun but not for everyday.  When I have them I enjoy every bite and every calorie too!

When I need a snack I will make it a healthier choice.  An apple and peanut butter is a better choice than a cookie or a muffin.

I can also increase my activity level.  I can move more even in my house.  Little things like walking when I talk on the phone.  Or I can walk in place while I wait for food to reheat in the microwave.  Those little bits of calories burned also add up and will eventually make a difference in those unwanted 5 pounds.

 I checked with my Fitbit and tracked my long evening walk. I was surprised and disappointed at how few calories I actually burned.  So I realize that what I put in my mouth matters because I can’t burn as much off with my walking.


So I need to be careful that I keep the calories in and the calories out in good balance.  If I want to lose those pesky five pounds then the calories in need to be less than the calories out!  

You my readers, will keep me accountable!  I’ll keep you posted with my progress over the next month.

Today’s little step:  Be an intentional eater!  Pay attention to what goes into your mouth!

If you want some accountability too then join our Facebook group!

Don’t let any bite slip in as the pounds will slip back too!

Remember every little step makes a difference!


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Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Together we will navigate life. No diet. No program. Just real life struggles and successes! But believe this statement - Every little step makes a difference!

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