I became a Grandma this year!

I just had my birthday! I’m healthy and active and I’m one year away from 60!  I love it!  Well I’m not excited about wrinkles and grey hair.  But my wrinkles are from smiling too much and that’s a good thing.  And the grey hair is not a problem as long as I visit my hairdresser regularly.

 I always get a bit nostalgic as I say good-bye to another year of my life.  Did I use my time well?  Did I love my people well?  What changes happened in this last year for good or bad?  What did God teach me? 

I realized that this was a year that held a lot of changes for me.

My life changed in a really big way when I said my final goodbye to my best friend Gwen.  God took away her pain and suffering when He took her to Heaven in September.  Unbelievable still.  But very believable when I can’t call her and go for coffee and have a good girlfriend chat. 

A fun selfie at the Lake House!

She was my best confidante.  Gwen wasn’t afraid to give me a good challenge and she helped me have fun.  Oh, how I miss those times with Gwen.  God taught me a lot about trusting Him when things didn’t make any sense.  I claimed 2 verses to get me through this tough year without my best friend.  “Hold fast to the hope you profess for He who promised is faithful.  Hebrews 19:23 and “Fix your thoughts on Jesus” Hebrews 3:1

I do have the wonderful hope of being able to see her again in Heaven one day!  What a chat we will have then!  

I said hello for the first time to my Grand daughter Alice Jazmin born to Charity and Dan on December 8th, 2018!  I had no idea that grand parenting was going to be so much fun!  I was in love the very first time I held her in my arms. 

Now at 8 months she is delightful.  She has a fun sense of humor already.  She likes bling just like her Grammie!  Alice’s little eyes sparkle when she sees my necklace and those little hands reach out to me.  I love it!

Alice loves strawberries!

Don and I went to on a trip to Boston!  For homebodies like us that’s a big trip. We travelled with nieces and nephews, one great-nephew and Dan and Charity to see the New England Patriots play football.  It was so fun to see all the people, the stadium and of course the game.  It was a memory-making trip.

Yes, our seats were really up at the top!

The other big thing that happened this year was that I was part of our Pastoral Search Team for my Church.  After many, many meetings, much prayer and several interviews we have a new Pastor! I was the matriarch of the team and it was so cool to see my younger teammates express their deep desire for our Church and our new Pastor to reach our community for Christ.

This year Don and I experienced a new stage of life; it goes with the wrinkles and the grey hair – the empty nest.  Katie moved to Blind River about one and half hours away.  We took a few weeks to adjust to the empty house without Katie and her friends coming and going.  But it didn’t take long for us to love being a couple again.  It’s kind of like being newlyweds but we have some stuff figured out!  It’s been great to set our own schedules.  Eat  food we really like, no more chicken nuggets!  Instead we have oven-baked salmon, grilled vegetables and even steak!

We are enjoying our little Lake House and feel so very blessed by God.  We enjoy walks down a country road, meals on the deck, visits from family and friends and sunrises and sunsets.  This summer Katie’s friend Michaela painted a blessing on a big rock at the side of our driveway for me. 

When I look back over this year I see my Great God’s hand at work in the good and the bad.  I have hope because of Him.

Thanks for walking through life with me.  I pray that you will be encouraged as we walk together on the path of health and well-being.


P.S.  Next week I’ll give you another update on those unwanted 5 pounds and what little steps I have taken to make them go away!

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