Peace when the news is not good!

The telephone rang at 9:50 a.m.  It was my Doctor’s office.  The nurse said,  ‘the Dr. would like you to come in so she can over your blood test results”. 

That’s never a good thing.  They don’t call you to tell you that all your levels are good and keep up the great work!  Nope, they had found some kind of problem with my blood or she wouldn’t be calling.

When I hung up, my mind raced down the worst-case scenario road.

Oh, no I might be really sick! 

Will my life change forever after this appointment? 

I had initially gone to the Doctor because I was really tired.  I was sure it was related to poor sleep.  But maybe it was much more serious?

But then my optimistic spirit kicked in and I thought she has a found a blood level that is not right and it can be fixed with medication.

God brought the verse, “ Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.”  Isaiah 26:3 I claimed His peace!

I looked out at our beautiful lake and I wondered, ‘when I come back will I be thankful for a treatable condition?  Or will I be diagnosed with a serious disease?’

Katie drove me into to town to the Dr.’s office. 

As we drove I prayed. 

“Lord my life is in your hands.  You know what this is about.  I know you will be with me if the news is not good. 

Help me receive whatever news I get with grace.  I will keep trusting you no matter what happens.  Thank you for your peace.”

When we arrived my sweet Katie offered to come into the office with me.  I assured her I was fine and I would let her know as soon as I could.

My Dr. came in and greeted me.  Then she came close and pulled my lower eyelid down, then she took my pulse and then stared at my face and asked if I wore makeup.  I wasn’t too sure what kind of assessment she was doing.

 Then she went back to her computer and stared at the screen.  She told me that my hemoglobin was very low and my iron level was below 1!  Not good!

Then she said those sweet words that I got her to repeat.  “nothing scary, no leukemia!” Oh such sweet words!  So many of those worst case scenarios went away instantly!

Now being extremely anemic is not a good thing but it is a treatable condition!

She prescribed an iron supplement to take 3 times a day!  I will also be going for iron infusions. 

Then watch out world!  I will have energy to burn!

I left the Dr.’s office and greeted Katie with a big smile and a thumbs up!

I am so very thankful to our Great God!  I feel like I got another reminder of how precious life really is!  I need to live each day to the fullest.  To love my people well, honor God with my time and energy (even though right now that’s pretty low). 

Life really is a wonderful gift!

Remember those 5 pounds that I was struggling with?  Well, I realize now that they are probably going to stick around for a while.  Because getting healthy is much more important than losing 5 pounds!

Today’s little step:  If you are tired all the time like I was, consider visiting your Doctor. 

Live life to the fullest!  It is a wonderful gift!


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3 thoughts on “Peace when the news is not good!

  1. Thanks for sharing. It can be scary when the doctor calls you in. I’m glad it is the iron levels and not anything else. I don’t know if your doctor told you (as mine did) to take Vitamin C when you take your iron. Helps the absorbency. Bless you!

      1. Getting little steps again with my food and good health.Glad that your prayers where answered.My victims D because it was down couple years ago.And how it is back to the right number.So Prayer for me with eating the right foods again.Love and Prayers

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