A sneak peek into my daily food choices.

What did you eat yesterday?  Do you eat dessert?  What about potato chips, do you eat them?  Those are some questions you have been asking.  So one day last week I took some pictures of a typical day.  

There are a couple of things I want you to remember when you look at my food choices.

First – I am not a nutritionist.  I am just sharing what food choices I have found work best for me.  I try to make nutrient rich choices that fuel my body.

Second – I am a petite lady, I measure just shy of 5 feet so I don’t need as much food to fuel my body.  So don’t get caught up in the portion sizes.  Just use the food choices as suggestions.

Third – We can get into a food choice routine that is boring.  Hopefully, you get some new ideas from today’s post.


I use 1 teaspoon of maple syrup and half and half cream in my decaf. coffee.  Don’t you love my Grandma cup?

Gluten free bread is pretty small so I have 2 pieces.  I spread it with ½ a mashed avocado.  I love the creamy taste and the healthy fat makes me feel full longer. 

Then I add an egg fried in a little bit of olive oil.

I like to cut the toast into little pieces so my plate looks nice and full.  I also like all the little bites.

Then I have 2 ½ tablespoons of pumpkin seeds.  They are high in protein and iron. 

The blue water bottle holds 2 cups and I try to drink that in the morning.


I fill my luncheon size plate full of raw veggies.  I have 1/3 cup of tuna salad.  Then I add a chunk of cheese as wide as my thumb that I cut into bite size pieces.  Usually, I have 2 tablespoons of hummus,  but I didn’t have any that day.  Crackers are part of my lunch too.  These are Breton gluten-free ones.

This water bottle holds 5 cups and I sip from it throughout the day.  I find it is a great way to make sure I drink my water.  I try to drink 7 cups of water per day.


I try to have fruit for a snack and pair it with a protein.  Canned peaches and thick yogurt and a cup of hot tea with some maple syrup give me a nice pick up.  I find if I don’t have an afternoon snack I get too hungry by dinner time and it’s easy to overeat.


Oven baked salmon, steamed green beans and a rice mixture.  I know rice is not the most nutritious choice but it’s quick and easy some days.

For dessert I had a small square of my homemade granola bar.  It’s lower in sugar and higher in fiber than a cookie. 

Bedtime snack

I take some medication before bed that needs to be taken with food.  Picking a healthy choice is always hard later at night.  My go to bedtime snack is fruit with milk.

This is ½ cup of blueberries and just enough milk to cover them.

So that’s a sneak peak into my food choices.  I don’t deprive myself of any food group.  I find when I do that it just makes that food so much more appealing. No one can handle deprivation for very long.

So for me that means having a little something sweet for dessert after supper.  A couple of pieces of dark chocolate are getting to be a favorite.

Yes, I eat potato chips too.  But I have found that people often either like sweet or crunchy and salty as the two snack choices.  My choice is for sweet so it’s easy for me to pass on the chips.  So some weekends I have a small bowl of chips while I watch TV.

Today’s little step:  Make nutrient rich choices that fuel your body.  Don’t live a life of deprivation.  Make lifestyle choices.

Remember every little step makes a difference.


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