Less mess = less stress = bliss

Are you a minimalist?  I’m not.

But recently I’ve been inspired to downsize.  To take some time and ask; are these things really worth storing?  Do I use this item regularly?  Which ones bring beauty to my home? Could someone else use this?

I’m learning through this downsizing process that little steps to health encompasses all the areas of my life. 

A more organized home with less mess means less stress.   

I heard a speaker say; “Your kids won’t care about your stuff when you are gone.  They are going to come with a truck!”

I saw this in action as my friend passed away unexpectedly.  One week later an enormous dumpster was unloaded.  Her stepchildren arrived that evening and filled the dumpster! 

Three full dumpsters later the house was cleaned out.

As I watched them work I thought about that speaker and her words rang true.  “They are going to come with a truck”.

But they used 3 enormous dumpsters!  Dumpsters imply that my friend’s possessions were worthless.

It helped me to take a look at what I have accumulated in the last 34 years of marriage.  Closets and drawers are full of stuff.  Things I hardly use.  Those fun seasonal nick-knacks from the dollar store, fancy dishes and lots and lots of cookbooks filled my cupboards. 

My closets had impulse buys that didn’t match my wardrobe or clothes that I didn’t feel good wearing. 

What’s hiding in your closets and cupboards? 

I’ve been going through my closets and my kitchen cupboards.  The valuable stuff has been packed into boxes and bags and taken to our Church’s free give-away program.   

It’s a great feeling to open a cupboard and not have stuff fall out!  It also feels good to know that someone who needs my stuff will appreciate it.

This reducing exercise has helped me realize that fun new clothes and signs (I love signs) give me temporary happiness.

When I go shopping now I try not to buy on impulse.  I don’t want to fill those closets and cupboards up again.  No matter how cute those Easter bunny nick-knacks are!

The people I love and do life with are what truly bring joy and beauty to my days!

I know that a home that is organized is a little step to health that really helps me feel better.

Today’s little step:  Let’s take 15 minutes this week and clean out one drawer or cupboard.  (mine is the junk drawer- it’s full to overflowing) 

Less mess = less stress!

Remember every little step you take makes a difference!


If you are interested in some good online support for decluttering and downsizing here are some great resources.    


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I'm your supporter, encourager and challenger in your quest to be healthy and well. Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Every little step makes a difference!

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