March break? Healthy travel tips!

“I’m on vacation so I can eat anything I want”.  That’s a lie I used to tell myself!  Maybe you can relate? 

  But now I have a plan, smart strategies, to help me make good choices no matter where I am.

When Don and I go on a little weekend getaway I make plans ahead of time about what we will eat.

We stop at a grocery store first thing.  We like to eat as we travel.  I think it started when we were traveling with our kids and we fed them to keep them entertained.  It’s a habit that stuck. 

Then we wander the grocery isles for a few treats, some mini chocolate bars and cheezies.  Mini chocolate bars because that helps with portion control.  Cheezies because they are road trip treats for the Elliotts.

Then we hit the produce isle for a bag of baby carrots and a little veggie tray.  We add a couple of big Honey crisp apples; they are extra crunchy and sweet.

For protein we choose cheese slices or sticks and a bag of mixed nuts too.

We limit our gluten now so we find a nice gluten-free box of crackers to go with the cheese.

We buy a case of water.  A whole case at the grocery store is as much as 2 bottles bought at a convenience store!

Then we buy a nice cup of coffee and hit the road. 

As we travel we munch on all the good stuff we bought.

We have a mix of healthy and treats.

We stop regularly at Rest Stops.  I walk around the building or up and down the parking lot to get the blood flowing and my leg muscles moving.

When we are at the hotel this is what our healthy lifestyle choices look like. 

We usually have the complimentary breakfast.  I try to stick fairly close to my normal breakfast.  I take advantage of that beautiful fresh fruit.  I might have cereal or toast and peanut butter and of course a couple of cups of coffee sipped slowly.

Lunch is often at a food court and healthy choices are much harder to find.  Subway has a small gluten-free bun available now.  A small turkey sub with lots of vegetable toppings is often the choice.  I like chocolate milk with mine.

Dinner at a restaurant is a treat.  Last time we were away we went to Red Lobster for the delicious seafood.  We share one of those platters and sometimes add a side of extra vegetables.  There is just the right amount for Don and I to share.  There are no leftovers and we are both comfortably full.  I don’t like that stuffed feeling-so I don’t do it anymore.  We don’t have dessert because we have treats back at the Hotel.

We try to go for a walk in the evening. 

If it’s warm enough we walk outside.  If not then I find the exercise room and walk on the treadmill.  I walk for ½ hour or more.  If the exercise room is busy? 

Well, then I walk the hotel halls and climb some stairs.  Or even just walk in the room. Walking on the spot, kicks, leg lifts and side steps are easy to do.

Today’s little step:  Before your next road trip take some time and plan your healthy strategies.  Have fun and incorporate some healthy choices and some treats.  You are worth it!

What healthy strategies do you have? I’d love to hear what works for you!

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  1. Oh fab post!
    I’m definitely at the stage where going out gives me the chance to chose healthy.
    Holidays? Mmm, not yet tested, but feeling confident I’ll be happily sensible.

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