Rewards that aren't food related!

Do you reward yourself with food? I’ve been choosing a little edible treat for years. It’s a habit that goes way back.

Back to when I was 3 and my Mom bought me a treat at the grocery store for good behaviour.

I’ve been rewarding hard work and good behaviour with a little indulgence for way too long!

I think maybe you have too?

It’s time to choose non-food rewards for a job well done.

We need to reward ourselves!

When the scale says a number we like.

When we walk a mile.

When we get a compliment.

When a pair of jeans finally fits.

When we get a good report from the Doctor.

When we feel energized and encouraged.

When we feel pretty.

Let’s be intentional about setting the time and money aside to reward ourselves.

We need a reward that won’t sabotage our health journey.

But sometimes we can’t even thing of how we can reward ourselves. I found some ideas for us!

Here are 21 non-food reward ideas!

non-food reward
21 non-food rewards for you!

TODAY’S little STEP: Reward yourself! Make a specific plan for when, where and how you will reward yourself. You are worth it!

For those of you who have young children or grandchildren get in the habit of using non-food rewards.

Keep up the good work! Remember every little step makes a difference!


I’ve posted this one before but I needed the reminder and I thought maybe you did too!

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Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Together we will navigate life. No diet. No program. Just real life struggles and successes! But believe this statement - Every little step makes a difference!

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