What can this pandemic teach us?

What has this pandemic taught me?  This pandemic has helped me realize what I value.  What about you? 

We are really missing some things from our lives.  But maybe there are some things we aren’t missing?  Like that tired feeling from always being on the go?

This pandemic has helped me realize what I value.  It’s helped me realize how much I love my people!  I miss working with friends on projects and Church programs.  I miss going for coffee.  I miss family dinners and long chats.  I miss cuddling with my granddaughter.

Being with people energizes me.

When life returns to normal, whatever our new normal will look like, I want time with people to stay the top priority.  I want to do all those things I’ve been missing.  I want to savor that time with people!  

I’ve also realized that some self-care needs to be a priority.  Because I am focused on other people and helping it’s easy for my needs to be last on the list.  Maybe you can relate?  It’s easy for me to go from morning to night and not take a break. 

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I’ve been enjoying an afternoon coffee break and reading for fun during this pandemic.  Reading a good book just takes me away from the real world for a bit.  It energizes me!  I want to make sure I continue this self care when life returns to normal.  How about you my friend?  Is self care a priority for you?  Should it be?

This pandemic has also helped me realize that an attitude of gratitude goes a long way in helping me cope with life.  When I take a few minutes every morning to write my list of 10 Blessings, it gets my focus on what I have.  My focus is on what is good.  My focus is on small joys.  My focus is on God’s goodness.  Making that list every morning gives me an attitude of gratitude, which shapes the rest of my day.  Give it a try!

I’ve also realized afresh that exercise helps me deal with stress.  When the pandemic was new and those waves of anxiety came over me one of my best coping mechanism was a walk.  The anxiety has lessened over these last few weeks.  But a walk in the fresh air and sunshine still makes me feel better.  Those feel good hormones kick in and it’s easier to cope with life.

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This pandemic has helped me realize that I can’t cope with life in my own strength.  I need Jesus. I need to talk to Him everyday about this worldwide crisis and all the uncertainty.  I need to talk to Him about the people who are suffering and dying.  I need to talk to Him and be reminded that He loves me.  I need to remember all the times He has taken care of me.  He is a trustworthy God! 

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If you don’t know Jesus, you can know Him today.  This is a prayer you can pray right now. 

Dear God

I admit that I have done things that are wrong, my sin.  Thank you that you came to earth as God’s perfect sinless Son.  I believe You died on the cross and took the punishment for my sin.  Please forgive me for my sin.  I receive your forgiveness.  I believe You did not stay dead but came to life again and that You beat death.  Thank you that I am now part of your family.  I put my life and my future into Your hands.  I pray You will be at work in my life and guide me until You take me to Heaven to live with You forever.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

If you prayed that prayer it is the most important thing you have ever done and I would love to hear from you!

This pandemic will continue to teach me if I am open to learning.  What about you my friend? 

Today’s little step:  Let this pandemic teach you.  Find out what you value in this wonderful life and make it your priority!

Peace be with you,


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  1. Beautiful picture of your family together

    On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 8:04 PM Little Steps To Health wrote:

    > Dixie Elliott posted: ” What has this pandemic taught me? This pandemic > has helped me realize what I value. What about you? We are really missing > some things from our lives. But maybe there are some things we aren’t > missing? Like that tired fee” >

  2. Thank you dixie, I found your blog because we are in the flippingfifty fb group together. You have thoughtful and beautiful blogs here. thank you, and Jesus bless you. . .

    1. Thanks Vicki for the great feedback! The flipping fifty challenge has been interesting. I’ve learned lots and will hopefully be able to pass what I learn onto others!
      Peace be with you,

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