Find out that today matters more than you ever thought!

Do you fall into the comparison trap?  I do! 

Social media is full of pictures and stories of people who are doing great things, with happy perfect families.  It’s easy to feel insignificant and so very average. 

But you know what?  Us average people make up most of the world.

Today is a pretty average and kind of boring day for me as an empty nester.  I’ll do some laundry, make dinner, tidy up, write this blog post, call my Mom and go for a nice walk this evening and then snuggle on the couch and watch some T.V.  But you know what?  That’s real life and it’s good!

What you are doing today matters!  Yup, even if it feels average and boring. 

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Maybe you are caring for little kids?  Schools and daycares are closed due to the pandemic.  Caring for little kids take a whole lot of skill and lots of energy.  It’s one of the hardest jobs you will ever have.  You are shaping lives! Today matters!

Maybe you are caring for elderly loved ones from a distance?  Maybe you are encouraging them by delivering groceries or making regular phone calls?  You are helping them cope and making their days brighter! Today matters!

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Maybe you are home alone and feeling isolated?  Maybe you try to fill your days with activity and keep a positive outlook?  You are an inspiration and a great role model! Today matters!

Maybe you are a frontline worker?  Maybe you leave your family everyday and put yourself at risk to care for people and your community?  You are making a difference for your community and we thank you for your service! Today matters!

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Maybe you and your spouse are home together?  Maybe you are juggling working from home and finding quiet alone time too?  Keep being good communicators.  You are strengthening your marriage! Today matters!

Maybe you have a house full of teenagers?  Maybe you are helping them with the loss of independence and the physical distancing plus the normal teenage angst?  You are making a difference with your listening and your guidance! Today matters!

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Those are just a few of the possible scenarios, which might be your ‘today’.  Whatever your ‘today’ entails please know that it matters!

You are impacting your little corner of the world for good!

God sees us today. 

God knows. 

God understands. 

God cares about our average boring days. 

God values us!

I’ve been feeding the chickadees and listening to the white throated sparrows singing all times of the day and even the night.

I am reminded of the verse in the Bible that says, “When birds are sold, two small birds cost only a penny.  But not even one of those little birds can die without your Father knowing it.  God even knows how many hairs are on your head.  So don’t be afraid.  You are worth more than a whole flock of birds.  Matthew 10:29-31

Please be encouraged my friend that what you are doing today matters to our world and to God!

Today’s little step:  Embrace today.  Embrace an average and maybe boring day.  What you do has value to our world and to God! Because today matters!

Peace be with you,


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