beat those pandemic pounds with this sneaky trick!

Did those pesky pandemic pounds make your jeans shrink too?  Oh how I wish I didn’t like food so much.    

It’s tempting to start a diet. 

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But diets don’t work for very long.  We can’t live a life of deprivation.  There’s something inside of me that wants whatever food I’m not ‘supposed’ eat.  Can you relate? 

This blog is all about little changes we can make for our body, mind and spirit that help us as we walk together on the path of health and well being. 

For the next few weeks we are going to review these steps.  We need these reminders of some simple little steps we can take to help those pandemic pounds disappear.

These are lifestyle changes and they work for me!  If they work for me they can work for you too!

Our first little step is to switch to a smaller plate, the luncheon size. 

I know it sounds too simple, right?  But it’s about little changes that are easy to make into daily habits. 

When I use the smaller plate it holds less food but it looks very full.  My brain and eyes like the plate to be full.  It kind of tricks my brain into thinking I am eating more food.  It’s a sneaky trick that works!

Researchers from Cornell University have found that our brains have trouble judging how much food there is on a plate.  We use the size of the plate as our reference for how much food to put on it.  Overall they found that people serve themselves more food when using larger dinnerware and serve themselves less food when using smaller ones.

Take a look at these 2 plates, which has the most food?

Most of us think the plate on the top has more food.  The surprise is that they both have the same amount, 1 cup of macaroni and cheese and 1/2 a cup of green beans.

The first one is the smaller luncheon size plate.  The food covers most of the plate and we think there is more.

The second one is the full size dinner plate.  The food covers less of the plate and we think there is less.

When we fill both plates they looks like this.

They look pretty similar, however the difference in the portion size is surprising.

I don’t count calories regularly but for this example I wanted us to see the calorie difference and the portion sizes between the two plates.

On the smaller luncheon plate, to the left, the portion is 1 cup of macaroni and 1/2 a cup of green beans.  The caloric count is 375.

On the regular dinner plate, to the right, the portion is 2 cups of macaroni and a 1-cup of green beans.  The caloric count is 750! . 

Using a larger plate doubles the portion size and the calories too!  

Wow!  What a difference in portion size and calories just by switching to a smaller plate!

I think you will be surprised by how the smaller portion can satisfy you.

When I use the smaller plate I don’t feel deprived because the plate is full and my portions are naturally smaller!  

It’s a sneaky trick that works!

I’m not on a diet.  It’s a lifestyle!

We’ll discuss what nutrient rich foods to put on our smaller plates in a future post.

TODAY’S little STEP: – Switch to a smaller size plate for your meals and snacks. It’s an easy way to make portions smaller.

I’d love to hear from you, my friend! Did you switch to a smaller plate? How’s it going?

Peace be with you,


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Come walk with me on the path of health and well being. Together we will navigate life. No diet. No program. Just real life struggles and successes! But believe this statement - Every little step makes a difference!

3 thoughts on “beat those pandemic pounds with this sneaky trick!

  1. Hi Dixie, I’m going to try this! I need some help. Covid along with a medical issue that prevents me from walking has added some weight that I’ve never had to deal with before (may also have something to do with my age). It’s been the perfect storm and I need to make some changes but don’t want to get on a diet fad for fear of the yo-yo effect. I like your approach. My surgery was postponed due to Covid and until I have it, doing much exercise is out of the picture…i have discovered the muffin-top-YIKES!!!! Hope you and Don are enjoying lots of time at the cottage. Glen and I are hoping to make it up to the Sault this summer…if it happens we’ll make sure to get in touch. I saw on FB a post of your little darlin’ strawberry picking…bet she makes your heart burst!

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