What do you do to get restored?

Do you have some vacation time booked?  I hope so!  Vacation is a great time to renew your body, mind and spirit!  

We just had a week.  We spent some time at our little Lake House which is on an island.  As soon as we cross this bridge we feel our stress level gets lower.

 We also travelled an hour to be with family at another beautiful little lake for a few days.

This is how I restored my body, mind and spirit, with a few fun pictures too.  Because that’s what we talk about on this blog!

I fed my body good food.  But I didn’t deprive myself because fun food is part of vacation.  I bought some treats and savored every bite.  I didn’t feel any guilt because there are no forbidden foods.  

I enjoyed ice cream and a stroll through the marina with Don one evening. 

I baked some decadent brownies that I only make for this week of vacation and at Christmas.  They rate as a 10 and are worth every delicious calorie. 

I included some form of exercise everyday. 

Long walks in the cool of the evening, some times on country roads. 

Walks up the Lake House laneway.

A few deer crossed my path.  They were so beautiful!

My body got the rest it needed.  It was so good to wake up with no alarm clock.  The ‘dawn chorus’ of songbirds woke me early but I drifted back to sleep.  You know that awareness that pops into your brain when you remember that you can sleep in because you are on vacation- it’s so sweet.

I spent some extra time just sitting.  I read for fun!     

I sat and watched the sun sparkling on the water. 

I watched squirrels and birds eat the seeds I put out for them.  Being close to nature restores me.

I was still.

I prayed.  I wrote in my journal.  I processed thoughts and ideas and tried to clear my brain of all the stressful thoughts and worries.  

The pandemic felt far away for a while.  It was good!

Being on vacation allowed me to step back and take a look at my life.  It helped me realize that I really do like my life.

My body, mind and spirit were restored.

Now I am ready for my regular routines. 

Life is good!

Today’s little step:  If you are able, plan some vacation time.  We need it to restore our bodies, minds and spirits!  If you don’t have a big block of time, then find little ways to be restored.

I’d love to hear how you get restored.  What works for you?

Peace be with you,


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