Halloween tricks to try

The scariest part of Halloween is the munchie monster that lives in my house.


I can pop those treat sized chocolate bars into my mouth as easy as can be. And those little bags of Doritos are crunchy and spicy!

Before I even realize it I’ve eaten 700 empty calories. That’s the same as eating a double quarter pounder with cheese!

WOW! Not good!

I found a few tricks that work for me.

Maybe these will help you too?

  • Buy treats you don’t like. We usually buy our favourites, so we can enjoy the leftovers. ( guilty!)
  • Buy the treats just before Halloween. If you buy them too early it’s too tempting to sample.
  • If you bought the treats early then put them away. Out of sight out of mind!
  • If candy and chips are too hard to resist, then give out other fun stuff. Like pencils, stickers, erasers, toy spiders and party favors.
  • Eat your regular healthy supper before the trick or treaters arrive.
  • Chew some gum while you hand out the treats.
  • Mix in some physical activity into the day. Walk with your trick or treaters. If you are home, put on your shoes and walk inside.
  • Be intentional! It’s fine to enjoy some treats but be aware of what you are eating!
  • Make a plan to enjoy your favourite treats. Life is not about feeling deprived.
  • Decide what you will eat. Stick to the plan!

The trick is to enjoy some treats and realize it’s no big deal!

Here’s my Halloween plan: I will eat 2 mini chocolate bars and 1 bag of Doritos. Then I will chew some gum. I will walk inside while I wait for those little trick or treaters to arrive.

TODAY’S little STEP: Make a plan for your Halloween. Plan what you will eat and when. Add some exercise to your day.

You can do this!  Every little step makes a difference!

Peace be with you,


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