Don’t cave to the crave!

Is that piece of chocolate cake luring you into the kitchen with whispers of forbidden delight.  Or maybe the potato chips are inviting you to a private crunch and munch party. 

Food cravings or temptations are a real part of life. I find that January and the winter months are hard. I am home now because of a province wide lock down and I want comfort foods. How about you?

How do we cope?  What do we do?

The first thing we need to know is that a food craving generally lasts 3 to 10 minutes and then it subsides. 

Don’t cave to the crave!

That is an interesting fact that can impact how we deal with a craving. 

We can outlast the craving and win!

Here are some strategies to help us not cave in to the craving. Number 3 and 8 are the coping strategies that work for me.

  • 1.  Don’t give in right away
  • 2.  Leave the scene.  Get away from the tempting food
  • 3.  Go for a walk
  • 4.  Play a game on your phone
  • 5.  Chew gum
  • 6.  Call or text an accountability buddy
  • 7.  Check out Pinterest or Facebook
  • 8.  Read a book or watch TV
  • 9.  Believe you can beat this craving
  • 10. Pray

Sometimes we want to give into the craving because this healthy lifestyle seems to hard. 

I heard a good story that gave some insight into our struggles with cravings.

A recovering alcoholic was having a really rough night.  The old craving for a drink was overwhelming.

He called a friend who knew that temptation.

He said, “I don’t know if I can do this for the rest of my life?  It’s just too hard”. 

His good friend said, “don’t take that drink tonight’. Don’t think about the rest of your life.  Think about just right now”.

They talked and prayed together.  He went to bed and slept well.

The next morning he realized he had beaten the craving! 

Let’s use that same thinking when we have a craving.

“Just for today I won’t eat the cake. I can do it!”

“Just for today I won’t eat the potato chips. I can do it!”

When we pay attention to the moment we feel like this healthy lifestyle is doable.

We win! We beat the cravings!

Today’s little step: Beat the food craving by picking a strategy that works for you. Don’t cave to the crave! Remember to try the -‘just for today’ statement when those cravings hit.

Peace be with you,


P.S. A little update on my niece and her husband, who have Covid 19. He is home from the hospital and responding well to treatment! Thank you for your prayers and support.

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