ever thought that texting is like praying?

Don’t you just love to get texts from good friends and family?  Or maybe you have adult children that live far away?  It could be that you have grandchildren that can text?  Texts from those we love grab our attention right away.

Modern technology is pretty amazing isn’t it? 

Now we can text and message any time of the day or night for a low monthly fee.  We can even have a video chat.

I’m old enough to remember when long distance calls needed to be made after 11 at night to keep the cost down.  (Yea, I’m old)

I love to hear from my adult kids.  A quick little text or a picture from their day makes me smile.

A video of my Granddaughter Alice gets played again and again.

When they call to talk – I stop whatever I am doing.  I listen carefully and enjoy all the details of the conversation.

I like it when they make time with me a priority!

I like it when they call and they aren’t calling because they have a problem. It’s just to talk.

Or maybe they are calling to thank me for something I did.

Maybe talking to God is similar to my texts and chats with my kids? 

Please indulge my creative spiritual imagination as I make some comparisons.

God is our Heavenly Father and He likes it when send up a quick prayer, just like a text. 

It doesn’t matter what time of day or night.  Our message gets His attention right away.  There are no delays.  

The messages are always read and understood.    

When we share a thankful prayer for the little things, God sees it and likes it.

 I think about my daily ‘10 Blessing List’. Little things like sunshine peeking through the clouds. 

Hot coffee, good food, healthy kids and the list can go on and on. God cares about the little details of our lives.

God likes it when we stop our multi-tasking and focus our attention on our conversation with Him.  Just sitting and praying and listening are what He likes.

God likes to be thanked for all the good things in my life.  He likes it when I realize those things are gifts from Him. 

God likes it when I listen.  Most of the time I do all the talking when I pray.   How about you? 

I have a list of people and serious prayer requests of which I want God to be aware. 

Then when I am finished my list I close up my prayer journal and start my day.

But I am realizing that is a very one-sided conversation. 

That would be like me sending all the texts to a friend and never expecting any answering texts.  No one does that! 

I am learning that I need to take some time to listen too.  I

write in my journal as that helps me be still and focus my thoughts.  Time and again during my daily Bible reading I find a verse that appears like it was written just for me.  

I often find verses in the Psalms that encourage or challenge me. 

Like “Psalm 141:3 Set a guard over my mouth, O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.”

Oh Wow, that challenged me to be careful with my words.

Regularly a song is just right to help me when I am feeling anxious about something. 

A song called All of Our Tomorrows, by Sovereign Grace says, “ We trust you, sovereign of our years, with of all of our tomorrows.”  I needed to hear that when the pandemic numbers went back up again.

Sometimes a very strong thought comes to mind. I know that is God speaking to my heart and mind.

Often He wants to me to connect with someone, like my Mom who lives alone.

When I call she often tells me that she needed to hear my voice, as she was feeling lonely.  I am glad when I listen to God’s prompts.

Thanks for following along with my creative spiritual imagination as we compared texting and prayer. 

I hope it helped you realize how much the two are alike.

Today’s little step:  Spend some time praying and listening.  Our Heavenly Father loves to hear from us!

Peace be with you,


P.S I’m doing some updating to my blog. Hope you like the changes! It’s hard work for this low tech Momma!!!

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  1. Today’s post about texting and relating it to prayer is so true….we need to sit quietly and wait for God to answer…instead of us just texting and not hearing back.

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