Good news! Lower your cortisol and stress levels today in easy ways

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  The bad news is high or chronic stress causes high cortisol levels.  High cortisol levels can produce belly fat. 

But here’s the good news!  We can lower our cortisol and stress levels in simple easy ways!

I researched ways to lower cortisol levels and reduce stress and the lists were very similar. There aren’t really any surprises.

The other thing I thought was pretty cool is that most of these suggestions are part of our little steps to health.  The little lifestyle changes we are making every week.  It’s great to get that positive feedback that we are making good healthy choices.

If you are like me you want to get started right away at reducing your cortisol levels.  You can pick something from our list and go for it.  For the next few weeks we will go into more depth with some of these ideas. 

Here’s the list I found.

1. Get the right amount of sleep

2. Get outside, preferably in the sunshine

3. Exercise, but don’t overdo it

4. Have fun

5. Reduce your sugar

6. Take care of a pet

7. Reduce your caffeine

8. Eat more fruit and vegetables

9. Recognize stressful thinking

10. Practice mindfulness, meditation and prayer

Nothing really new on that list right?  But why do we tend to ignore what looks easy?  We seem to want to hear some brand new technique that we are sure will change our lives. 

These are age-old healthy things we can all do and they work!

Here at Little Steps To Health we are careful to pick one thing to work on at a time.  Yes, just one step at a time.  If we focus on one activity it’s manageable.

What is most important is that we actually take action!  That’s why I always include the call to action to end my posts.

Getting the right amount of sleep is the one activity I am going to focus on. Sleep really affects how I handle stress.  Asleep by 10:30 is my little step to health.

Today’s little step: Check out that list and pick one activity to work on this week!  Take one little step to reduce your cortisol and stress levels!

Peace be with you,


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