6 Amazing connections between exercising in the sunshine and overall health

I just came back from a ½ hour walk outside and I feel good!  Did you know that any outdoor activity, especially in the sunshine, is really very good for us?

It’s spring here in Ontario, Canada.  It’s time to get outside.

Here are 6 benefits of outside activity.

1.  It improves our sleep.  Getting outside in the natural light helps to reset our body’s natural sleep cycle.  

There are cells in our eyes that absorb that bright light.  Isn’t that cool? 

This information is needed by our bodies to help us get sleepy when it’s getting darker and wake easily when it gets light.

2.  It helps us feel happy.  We know exercise helps us cope with stress. 

However, exercising in the sunshine helps the production of serotonin one of our naturally occurring feel good hormones. 

Serotonin gives us energy, and keeps our mood stable.

3. It encourages us to continue to exercise.  When the sun is shining it’s much easier to go for a walk, a hike, a bike ride or do some gardening.

We’re much more likely to do something we enjoy. It’s like the nice weather calls us out to play! 

4. It improves our brain function.  I remember my Mom saying, “ I need to go outside, get some fresh air and blow the cobwebs out of my brain.” 

Seems she was right! Scientists have found that our brains need three times as much oxygen for healthy function compared to our muscles.

Our brains are very sensitive when our oxygen levels are low especially when spending lots of time indoors.  Breathing fresh outdoor air improves brain function.

5. It creates Vitamin D.  When the sun’s rays hit our skin a process begins inside the body to produce Vitamin D. 

Our bodies need Vitamin D to help us absorb calcium.  It also keeps muscles and nerves working properly. 

Light skinned people need only about 15 minutes, and dark skinned people need more.  Just be careful to wear sunscreen in the late spring and summer.

6.  It improves creativity.  Next time you are struggling with a problem spend some time outside. 

Getting outside and focusing on nature can help your brain refocus and sometimes that is all it takes to come up with a solution.

There are numerous scientific studies being conducted about the benefits of spending time outside. 

I leave you with this good quote from one of those studies.

 “To summarize, exercise within green spaces and the great outdoors may be a useful natural medicine to address health challenges facing developed countries.”

The great outdoors

Today’s little step:  Get outside and enjoy some sunshine.  Find an activity you like to do outside and enjoy!

Peace be with you,


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