Be just like Goldilocks!  Experiment this week and find out what is just right for your health and well-being.

Do you remember the fairytale of Goldilocks?  A little girl wanders into the bear’s home?  She takes a bite of papa bear’s porridge but it’s too hot, then she tries Mama bear’s porridge but it is too cold. 

Then she tries baby bear’s porridge, which is just right, and she eats it all up! 

You can be just like Goldilocks and experiment and find out what ‘is just right’ for you. 

be Goldilocks and do a health and well being experiment
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Your health and well-being are really about you as an individual and what your body needs.

Not sure how to go about a Goldilocks experiment?

How about I share what I found out this summer on my Goldilocks experiment? 

Then maybe you will have some ideas as you search for what is just right for you?

I found that walking is just right for me!  It’s just right for me because I love to do it!  I found some fun ways to change up my regular walk. I do some hill walking and some speed burst walking to increase the challenge and my heart rate. 

walking is just right for me
Walking is just right for me!

What about you?  Experiment with some activities until you find one that is just right, one that you can easily add to your life.  Try biking, hiking, swimming, walking, dancing, jogging, or do online exercise videos.

Maybe try out a gym, now that they are open again.  Or maybe hire a personal trainer.

Stepping on the bathroom scale regularly is NOT just right for me.  It is not a good tool for me to use. 

not stepping on the scale is just right for me
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When I step on and see that number it does things to my self-esteem that aren’t good! 

Instead I use my clothes as my guide.  I also measure my trouble spots once a month.  Even a change of a few centimeters means I am more toned.  That silly bathroom scale will not tell me that!

How about you Goldilocks?  Is the bathroom scale a good tool for you? 

Or does it do terrible things to your self-esteem too?  Maybe try a break from a regular weigh in.  I wrote a post about the relationship we have with the bathroom scale you can click here to read it.

A fibre supplement is just right for me.  My elimination system always struggles. 

Even when I eat a high fibre diet and drink lots of water, I need help in that area. I take a Metamucil supplement with my dinner.  I drink an extra couple of glasses of water in the evening.  Morning regularity has returned.

What about you?  How is your elimination system working?  Do a Goldilocks experiment and find out what your system needs.  

toast and peanut butter is just right for me
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High protein and healthy fat at breakfast is just right for me. I am a breakfast eater.  I experimented this summer and found that when I have peanut butter or an egg as part of my breakfast I stay full longer.

My family teases me because I also crunch and munch nuts and seeds.  I have 1 tablespoon each of pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and hearts, chia and flax seeds in a tiny bowl.  They are high in protein, fat and fibre.  I like them. I find when I have this high protein and healthy fat for breakfast I am not as hungry for the whole day.  I’m not looking for something to eat an hour after breakfast like I did when I used to have cereal and milk.

What about you?  What’s a good breakfast for you?  Even if you have it later in the morning, it’s still important to eat and fuel your body.  What is just right for you?

Today’s little step to health:  Be Goldilocks.  Conduct your own experiments and find out what is just right for you!  

P.S. Wondering why I didn’t mention sleep, that’s because we did a series about sleep in the spring.  Check it out here.

Next week I’ll tell you a few more things I learned on my Goldilocks experiment.

Remember every little step makes a difference!


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