Be fully present in the moment. Learn from the best person who ever walked this earth!

How are you at living fully in the moment?  Does your phone constantly distract you?

Maybe you are preoccupied with a problem and it takes up way too much headspace?

Or perhaps you get sidetracked easily and you jump from one task to another and nothing really gets finished?

Or maybe you are inattentive when you are talking to someone because it’s a boring topic?

Yup, that can be me sometimes too!

Being fully present in the moment is such a good way to live. 

Instead my moments have looked like this. I sat down for some quiet time.  Some time to write in my journal and pray.  Then after about 5 minutes I jumped up to go put in a load of laundry, might as well have a machine working while I write.  Then I got distracted on the way back by dirty dishes on the counter so I loaded the dishwasher.  Then I heard my phone chime and I checked it.  After 10 minutes I remembered that I was supposed to be having a quiet time.  So much for being fully present in the moment and concentrating on one thing at a time! 

Jesus is very gracious when I keep interrupting our conversation to leave and go do something else.  How rude!!

Can you relate to the distractions of life which make it hard to stay on task? Or how our brains and our crazy thought processes stop us from really focusing on one task or one person at a time?

I was challenged when listening to Just One Simple Thing a Podcast by Christa Hutchins. I learned so much from her about how Jesus interacted with people and how He lived fully in the moment.  Christa says, “ Jesus focused on what was in front of Him at the moment.  Jesus was totally present.  He listened, focused, and took care of tasks where He was without being distracted by what was happening elsewhere.”  ( go listen here to this podcast in full, you won’t be disappointed)

Jesus – the best person who ever walked on this earth – set the best example for us to follow! 

He loved and cared for the people right in front of Him. 

Some days that was a crowd of people.  I imagine Him giving them His complete attention, which included direct eye contact.  I am sure He smiled and nodded and added to the conversation.  He probably reached out and touched the person.  Yup, I need that reminder to be a good active listener.  To be fully present in conversations I have with my family and other people that I interact with.

Being fully present in the moment is such a good way to live.

 I am also reading a book by Christy Wright called Take Back Your Time – the guilt free guide to life balance.  It’s really good! 

I hope to do a book review for you in a future post. 

But one simple phrase really stuck me , “Be where your feet are.” 

I’ve been saying that to myself when I get distracted or am unfocused. 

Live fully in the moment!
Live fully in the moment!

Give it a try!

So how do we go about being fully present in the moment? For me that means focus.  To really pay attention and concentrate on the task at hand or the person.

That means when someone walks into the room.  I put my phone down.  I look at them and smile and chat.  I can usually return a text or a Facebook comment later.

That means when I visit with friends I am listening to the conversation.  I am an active listener.  When I’m spending time with my granddaughter Alice she has my full attention and we play, read books and snack.  I’m not on my phone or letting my mind “check out” while she chats about her favorite episode of Paw Patrol.

That means when I am lying in bed it’s time to relax and get to sleep.  I remind myself that it’s time to shut off my brain.  I can solve those problems much better in the light of day.

Live fully in the moment. Shut your brain off when it's time to sleep.
Live fully in the moment! When it’s time to sleep, shut your brain off!

That means when I am having my quiet time, writing and praying I concentrate on only that.  Other tasks can wait.

That means when I am on a walk on a beautiful fall day I take time to really look at the beauty around me.  To listen to the birds and watch the leaves fall from the trees.

Live fully in the moment! Enjoy the beauty!
Live fully in the moment – enjoy the beauty!

That means when I’m sitting in a waiting room at the hospital I pay attention to the other nervous people waiting too. 

It means I talk to them and pass the time.

That means when I am focusing on a task, like visiting my Mom, I am not fussing about other jobs that aren’t getting done. 

It’s so easy to feel guilty for something I think I ‘should’ be doing.  Can you relate?

That means when I’m in the grocery store, I pay attention to the cashier who is serving me.   I engage them in some small talk.  I am polite and courteous.

Like I said at the beginning I am learning how to be fully present in the moment.  But it takes practice!  Lots and lots of practice!  I keep reminding myself – “Be where your feet are Dixie! Get back to the moment! Remember how Jesus was fully present in the moment!”

Today’s little step:  Practice being fully in the moment!  Pay attention and focus on the task and people that are right in front of you! Just like Jesus did! Being fully present in the moment is such a good way to live!

Remember every little step makes a difference!


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