Hi I’m Dixie Elliott and I’m really happy that you’re reading this right now!

I want to encourage you to make life style changes. No diet, no program. Just some little changes. I call them little steps to health. These little steps are habits that we can all incorporate into our busy lives.

I believe that every little step makes a difference!

I know your battles because they are mine too. I’ve tried lots of diets and programs but they only offered a short-term solution they just weren’t doable for real life. No one can live a life of constant deprivation.


Life style changes made the difference for me. I made little changes that became habits.

I’ve lost 20% of my body weight and I’ve kept it off for over 10 years. We all know that keeping the weight off is the hardest part.

I’m completely diet free and it feels great!

I believe that every little step makes a difference! Because that’s what has worked for me and it can for you too!

Over the last 6 years of blogging I’ve learned that our health and well being is so much more than exercise and choosing good food. Health and well being is about: managing stress, handling major life changes, coping with relationships, and dealing with all the demands of our busy lives. Here’s a sample of topics that were reader favourites: 1 SURPISINGLY SIMPLE SECRET TO LOSING WEIGHT , Can I trust God when life is hard?

The best use of 10 minutes of your time! , Eggs-good or bad? Surprising findings Check them out!

I post once a week one a Monday evening. I love to learn; I’ll do the research and find the best healthy choices for us. Together we’ll learn how to cope with life in a healthy way in little manageable steps.

No diet. No program. Just you and me, doing life together taking little steps on the path of health and well being.

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Remember every little step makes a difference!








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  1. Congratulations, Dixie! This looks great – so professional but not intimidating! Sue N

  2. Hi – I need this right now – fallen off the running habit and writing for a living instead of farming and I am losing touch with my health and exercise needs… 🙂

  3. I am selling the trademark HIGHERPOWER. Since you are a faith-based fitness organization, might this be of interest to you?

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