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Attractive in 3 simple steps!

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to feel good about yourself. We can dress attractively and on a budget. Today we are going to have some fun with fashion!

I have to confess that I like clothes, jewelry and make-up. I’m a girly-girl through and through. I want to encourage you wherever you are on your health journey that you can dress and feel pretty today. There is no need to wait until you have reached your goal to dress attractively.

I came across Shari Braendel’s book, Help me Jesus, I have nothing to wear about 10 years ago. Shari is a Christian Image Consultant.

She’s like a fashion fairy godmother.

After years of Mom jeans and T-shirts I needed help! Can you relate? She has helped me define my style. I learned the best colours for my clothes were based on my hair and eye colour. Who knew? Now I understand why I hated shopping for clothes in the fall. I look terrible in those dark earthy tones.  Shari knows women come in all shapes and sizes. I learned how to dress for my body shape and feel confident.

Her website is go check it out!

Today I’m going to show you what I learned. I start with a white t-shirt and dark washed jeans. With a few little changes we take the outfit up a couple of notches.  Thanks to my resident photographer for helping with the photos.  I have so much more respect for fashion bloggers now.  I had no idea how to pose, or where to put my hands.  It’s harder than it looks.  (teehee)


Here is the basic T-shirt, with some shape.  Not a man’s T-shirt which has no shape. Dark wash jeans with running shoes complete the look for many women.  I have my hair done and a little bit of make-up.


I added a statement necklace and earrings.  I usually  wear a bracelet too.  A little bit of jewelry adds polish to this basic outfit.  You could add a nice little pair of flat shoes and finish the outfit.



See how adding a little jacket changes the look? It’s the pop of colour and the completer pieces.  Other completer pieces are a scarf, belt, cardigan or vest.   I found this cute little jacket at Goodwill for 5 dollars!  It even has beaded fringe on the bottom.



I replaced the running shoes with some cute little booties.  I found these on sale for 10 dollars! I love a good bargain!



If you don’t like high heels then try some interesting flats.  Running shoes are for playing with children or long walks.

There are some really cool Christian fashion bloggers that I want let you know about. Audrey is young and has an everyday kind of style. She helps you build a wardrobe from scratch and has all kinds of styling tips. This particular post shows how she went for shabby to chic with a few easy steps. There is something about comparing 2 outfits that helps me see the changes I can make.  Check out putting me together .

Tabitha blogs at Tabitha Dumas and she has a color analysis you can access for free! She demonstrates the importance of color and texture and how to incorporate them into an outfit. Her site has lots to offer!

My other favorite is Tania. She blogs at 50 is not old but don’t let the number 50 throw you off. She shows everyday fashion and her vintage finds.

TODAY’S little STEP: Put together at least one outfit based on today’s post. Look through your closet and if needed go buy a missing piece. There are lots of summer sales and Thrift stores have some hidden treasures too. You are worth it, my friend! It’s important to feel good about how you look!

Remember you are a beautiful beloved daughter of the King! He created you and He thinks you are beautiful! Take a few extra minutes to take care of yourself.

If you have found this helpful please share it with your friends.

Share God’s love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for a woman on her own can be hard. She feels especially alone when everyone else is getting flowers and candy or going out for dinner with their men. We found a way to reach out to these women and remind them that they are cared for and that God loves them.


This ministry is very dear to my heart. For the last 10 years a few friends and I have made Valentines for the widows and single women in our Church and neighbourhoods.



I love to bake and my best friend is very creative so we combine our efforts. I bake a dessert that tastes great and she comes up with the packaging that makes it look fabulous. Sometimes we purchase candies or chocolates and repackage them. We always include a scripture verse or perhaps a little tract that reminds them that God loves them and they are never alone. The week before Valentine’s Day we choose a day and meet with a few friends and assemble the gifts. We usually have lunch and laugh as we work together.

This year we made heart shaped brownies and drizzled white chocolate across the top.


We found a cute heart shaped little bag at the Dollar store and added some pretty ribbon.


My friend found a pattern for a folding envelope using a large piece of scrapbooking paper. She did some special cutting and we added 2 chocolate hearts. IMG_7447

We placed the brownie inside the envelope and inserted a love letter from God.


Then we added a tag and closed the envelope with gold tape.



Our Valentine gifts are shared with 70 women in our Church and community.


The average cost of our gift is $1.50 each.  However, there is no price we can place on the warm hugs and sweet smiles we see from the women who receive our Valentines.

My challenge to you is to consider ministering to the widows and single women in your Church and community! Your ministry doesn’t have to be the same as ours. Let God speak to your heart!

I want to encourage you with the scriptures we shared this year!

My beloved daughter:

I have loved you with a love that is everlasting. 

I take great delight in you.  The quietness of my love will calm you.  I will sing with joy because of you.

I am the LORD your God. I take hold of your right hand. I say to you, “Do not be afraid. I will help you.” 

I will guide you and teach you the way you should go.

I will give you good advice and watch over you. 

I will never leave you. I’ll never desert you.


Your Heavenly Father

Jeremiah 31:3, Zephaniah 3:17, Isaiah 41:13, Psalm 32:8  Deuteronomy 31:6c

TODAY’S little STEP: Remember that you are a beloved daughter of the King! Share His love with others!

If you have found this helpful please share it with your friends.

Dixie Elliott

August 5, 2015

Good morning. I’ve been doing some cleaning up of my previous posts and realize that something happened with the post called What everyone needs to know about 10 minutes of exercise. I need to repost it. Just wanted you to know that it’s not new. I’m still getting things figured out. But some things are worth reading again. LOL Hope you have a good day. Every little step makes a difference.


Does God care about my health?

Ever felt like you were totally alone when it comes to

getting healthy

and hopefully losing some unwanted pounds?

Confused about what diet to try next or what new book to buy?

Jesus wants to help you in this journey.

He knows the depth of your heart’s cry.

He wants to be your Guide up the mountain of health and well-being!

Believe those good words dear sister!

It’s so good to connect with you again today.

Glad you’re here to learn more about Jesus’ love for you.

I’m convinced that a personal relationship with our Guide is essential to success in our climb.

Jesus Christ is my Saviour and my faithful Friend. I am so blessed to be called His daughter.

I can’t imagine life without Him as my Guide.

But, some days I live like I don’t need a Guide.

I look and sound like a wilful two year old, carrying a huge pack up a big hill.

I know that I can carry the pack and I don’t want any help. I do well climbing for a while

and then the pack feels really heavy and my arms start hurting. I get grumpy.

I complain about how hard it is to climb with this big pack.

I stumble and fall.

I get scraped up but, I get up and pick up the pack.

I struggle on, grumbling and griping.

All the time my loving Heavenly Father is walking right beside me.

He offers to carry my load but I stubbornly struggle on, refusing His help.

The hill is still looming up ahead of me and it starts to look too hard to climb.

I’m frustrated and discouraged and feel like I’m not making any progress.

Then in a fit of temper I glare at my Heavenly Father and throw down my pack.

I tell Him I can’t carry it anymore!

Then He smiles at me and He picks up my pack.

He tells me that He has been wanting to help but He was waiting for me to ask.

He says He will always help. I just need to ask.

Then we continue the climb side by side and my Heavenly Father carries the huge pack or burden and helps me with each little step.

I’ve had different packs or burdens that I tried to carry myself,

depending on what stage of life I was at.

You have your own burdens too my sweet sister.

Maybe getting healthy is a burden you’ve been trying to carry on your own.

Jesus wants to help you with that burden.


My Great God is worthy of my trust. He’s proven Himself over and over again! He is a good and trustworthy Guide.  

Jesus loves us.

Whatever size or shape or weight we are.

He knows our struggles, our burdens and our silent agonies.

He knows we wake up in the morning ready to try again, but we go to bed discouraged.

He knows the despair we feel about these health issues. He knows the depth of our heart’s cry.

Here’s what the Bible says about our Guide in 1 Peter 5:7 Casting all your care upon Him, because He cares for you.

Casting means throwing. Throw that care or burden down my dear sister.

Give it to Jesus and let Him carry it.

We have hope because of Jesus!

Let’s climb this mountain of health and well-being with Jesus as our Guide!

Jesus wants to have a deep personal relationship with each of us.

If you don’t already know Jesus as your Saviour and friend please know that He loves you.

To know more about a personal relationship with Jesus please leave a reply and I will send you a personal email with information about Jesus and His love for you.

Or click on this link and read about the steps to developing a personal relationship with Jesus and spending forever in Heaven.

I know this is a longer post, but our relationship with our Guide is vital for our success in our climb!

TODAY’S little STEP: Speak to Jesus. Give this burden (getting healthy) to Him; He will carry it for you.

He wants to help; you just need to ask.

Stop by Base Camp next time to receive your first piece of mountain climbing equipment.

Will it be your backpack? Or maybe safety ropes, or your helmet, or perhaps your hiking boots?