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Life still crazy? Take the summer challenge!

How’s your crazy life? It’s June and most schools are getting out soon. Church programs are winding down. The weather is warm, the days are longer and the summer is just around the corner!

Do you still feel stressed, grumpy and like life is too busy? Me too!

I recently read a great blog post by Michele Cushatt and she put out a great challenge. Check out her summer sabbatical plans. A challenge to unplug from social media, the Internet and some other computer related tasks for June and July!

Take the summerchallenge!

That seems pretty drastic but I wonder what we could do with that time?

Could we read a book?

Take a nap?

Work in the garden?

Go for a walk?

Chat on the phone with a friend?

Better yet meet for coffee with that friend?


Read the Bible?

Play with a child?

Just sit and enjoy the silence?

Play a game?

Stroll in the Mall and window shop?

Sit by the lake and watch the waves?

Oh that list sounds like fun to me! Things I’ve been too busy to do and miss in my life.

I extend a challenge to you today!

TODAY’S little STEP: Take a break from social media, or whatever technology takes up too much of your time. Get back to the basics. Rest your mind and your body and be refreshed!

I have prescheduled the next set of blog posts so that my blog spot is still active.

I will be taking a break from Facebook and Pinterest and using that time to rest and restore.

I will still be using Email and my phone.

Who’s with me?


Happy 2nd Anniversary!

My life is crazy! But crazy in a good way! This last weekend we celebrated my daughter Katie’s graduation from University with family and friends.

Don and I also celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary! How time really does fly!

We spent the whole weekend at the Elliott Lake House!

I reviewed the stats. from last year and found some of the most read posts.

Just click on the link and review some of your favorites!


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Every little step makes a difference!

Best use of 10 minutes of my crazy life!



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non-food reward

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TODAY’S little STEP: Reread your favorite posts. Keep taking little steps of imperfect progress!

Authentic love: the priceless gift!


This Valentine’s Day will be different!

Yes, we’ll have a candle light dinner, with chocolate cake for dessert, like always.

But the expressions of love this year are intensified because of the recent loss of a well-loved brother.

Oh, the people I love are so precious!


When you experience this kind of shocking loss it puts life into perspective.

Priorities change.

Irritations lose their power.

Stuff loses its appeal.

Careers lose their supremacy.

Tasks and to-do lists can wait.

What really matters in life?


I HAVE the time to stop and chat with an acquaintance.

For coffee shop visits with good friends.

Telephone calls and long texts are WORTH the time.

There IS time for interruptions. Interruptions involve people.

There IS time for long conversations, even late at night.

Time to share a joke or a good memory.

Time, one of our most valued commodities, needs to be spent on



With this recent loss came FEAR.

FEAR that I too may lose those I love most.

With God’s help I am not letting FEAR be immobilizing.

Instead it is a FEAR that moves me to action!

This FEAR moves me to the action of loving my people well.

Hugs and kisses are given and received everyday.

The value of dinner preparation and the time spent around the table laughing and talking is priceless!

Acts of service done in love speak volumes.

Kind and loving words reach deep into hearts.

Memories are made and cherished everyday.

I don’t want time to dim the intensity of these feelings!

I want to live a life of no regrets!

I want to love my people well!

TODAY’S little STEP: Love your people well! They are a precious gift from God!

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Make a simple change to be healthy!

Did you blow it? Do you feel like a failure? Is getting healthy too hard with your crazy lifestyle?

There’s hope!

Start right now! Take one little step to be healthy.        Yes, just one little step.

One step seems too easy. But, when we create a really easy goal we set ourselves up for success.

When we have success we feel empowered.

Lesley Lutes, PhD, an assistant professor in the department of psychology at East Carolina University, says

healthy habits

“rather than trying an all-or-nothing approach that more often than not fails because it’s too hard to follow”.

Dr. Lutes backs up this statement with numerous clinical studies related to weight loss plans and programs.

Today’s the day! Take one of these little steps.

  1. Drink water as your main beverage. It’s calorie free, what your body needs and it makes your skin beautiful!

  2. Walk for 5 minutes everyday. Just set a timer and walk inside your house. If you feel good, set it for another 5 minutes.

  3. Switch to the smaller dinner plate. Your portions will automatically be smaller.

  4. Decide that your snacks will always include fruit. Add a handful of nuts for protein.

  5. Never eat directly from a bag or box of food. You will have no idea how much you ate.

  6. Have an accountability buddy, someone that you have to report to each week.

  7. Pray everyday. Jesus loves you and wants to help in your health journey.

  8. Quiet that inner critic. That voice in your head that says, “you’ll fail again, why bother starting again?” Instead repeat this statement everyday. “This little step is easy for me to do and it makes a difference. Taking care of me is important”!

  9. Be a food snob. If it’s not a 10 then it’s not worth the calories!

  10. Claim this promise from God! Memorize it! “For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you’.” Isaiah 41:13

Today’s the day!

One little step makes a difference.

Every mountain is climbed one little step at a time!

TODAY’S little STEP: Pick one little step to incorporate into your everyday life.

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I’d love to hear what little step you chose, let me know!


January is the month when we are supposed to make resolutions and set big goals for the year.

How are you doing with that?

They never seem to work for me. Resolutions usually require strict discipline and require lots of change too fast.

I can only do it for a few months and then I slowly go back to my old habits.

I don’t call them resolutions.

Instead I call them lifestyle changes.  

They work for me.

I make lifestyle changes in these 4 areas: nutrition, exercise, mental focus and spiritual development.

One little change in each area is all I do.

When that change becomes a habit I add one more little change.


I want so much for you to have success.

That’s why I keep showing up every week.

I want you to give lifestyle changes a try, because they work!

I want you to win!

You can do it!

I want you to know you can stop that voice in your head. The voice that says nasty stuff like, ‘you always fail, don’t even try again.’

I want you to move your body in a fun way everyday.

I want you to choose healthy food.

I want you to know that God loves you and cares about your health. His power is available for the asking!

I want you to look in the mirror and love who you see!

Make 2017 the year you commit to lifestyle changes. Join me as we climb the Mountain of Health and Well-being!

If you have been on our climbing team before then find the Camp that is right for you.

If you are new I’m so excited that you are here. Check out Base Camp and get started.

I’m working on these future posts-how sleep affects our weight loss, quick healthy dinner choices, weight loss sabotages, real life fashion, ways to reduce stress and hopefully some guest posts too. I look forward to chatting with you, praying for you and hearing about your success!

TODAY’S little STEPS: Make lifestyle changes this year! Get started today!

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6 Simple coping strategies when life is crazy!


Is your life crazy busy? Are you moving from one task to another and meeting the emotional needs of your family at the same time? Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Feeling depleted? Our tendency is to keep running on empty. How do we get recharged and refocused?

When my life is crazy I have learned that there are some important things I need to do to cope.

Here are 6 little steps to health when life is crazy.

Get enough sleep. I don’t think right when I’m really tired. It’s so easy for me to listen to the lies of the enemy. The enemy wants me to feel condemned, worthless and unlovable.

If I’m short on sleep I want to eat. We’ll have a blog post about that sometime in the future.

Eat good healthy food. As much as my emotions shout for junk food, especially chocolate, I know I need fruit, vegetables and protein.

Walk outside. Sometimes my walk is more like a stomp! It clears my brain and helps me deal with stress.  The beauty of God’s creation touches my spirit.


Quiet. No radio, no TV, no background noise. It’s amazing how much silence can refresh me.

A good chat with a girlfriend! There’s nothing like a phone chat with a good friend to vent my worries and frustrations. She doesn’t try to fix it like a man does. She listens, encourages and challenges me when my thinking is way off the mark.

SPEND TIME WITH GOD! It’s the most important thing I can do! He resets my priorities. When I spend time praying, reading the Bible and good devotional books, I remember that God is on His throne. I can rest because He is in control. Not me!

TODAY’S little STEP: When life feels crazy take these 6 little steps!

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