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Stop the overeating! Get control back!

It’s really hard to go back to my healthy eating plan. Christmas day and the weekend were days when I enjoyed all my favorites.

It’s so easy to just continue overeating because my house is full of all my favorite treats.

I feel my resolve weakening. I could just keep overeating until New Years and then go on a diet. But, I’ve worked too hard to go back to those old bad habits.  Besides I know diets don’t work.  Lifestyle changes work!

“I’m in control of what I eat and I’m the boss over my body!” Say it with me friend!

Go ahead say it out loud, right now! Believe those words!

Let’s go back to BASE CAMP and practice those 4 little steps for the next week. It’s a safe place to weather this storm.

# 1 Backpack – no diet, just use a smaller plate or bowl at each meal or snack!

#2 Hiking boots – 10 minutes a day of intentional exercise

#3 Helmet – repeat this healthy self talk statement daily

I am a beautiful beloved daughter of the King!  I am making small changes to be healthy.  Taking care of me is important!


girl-354579_1920daughter of the king

I am a beautiful beloved daughter of the King!


#4 Safety ropes – pray and ask Jesus for His help.Here’s a good verse to memorize.

“For I am the LORD, your God,who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, “Do not fear, I will help you.” “Isaiah 41:13

We can do these 4 little steps to help us through this next week.

We will feel in control of our eating and exercise and we won’t have regrets. We’ll start the New Year feeling in control and the best we have in years!

TODAY’S little STEP: Go back to BASE CAMP for the next week. Practice these 4 little steps.


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Keep up the good work!

Hi friend, how are you?

I’m guessing you are crazy busy like me.

Just stopping by to encourage you to keep up the good work!

You’ve made some good little changes to your lifestyle. These little changes have made a difference!

You can keep it up over the Christmas season!

Food is central at every event we attend. However, we are doing some things differently this year! We’ve worked too hard to let one day of overeating begin the slide back to old habits.

We have some strategies; health-tips-to-beat-the-holiday-food-frenzy/.

We have a healthy self-talk statement because we control our actions with our thoughts.

holiday healthy self-talk

When our will power falters we can call out to Jesus because accessing His power makes the biggest difference. accessing-more-willpower-in-one-easy-step/


We can do it friend!

We can enjoy the Christmas season and start the New Year with no food regrets!

Every little step makes a difference.

Every mountain is climbed one step at a time!

TODAY’S little STEP: Rehearse some healthy self-talk. At each event or meal, practice some little tips to make healthy choices!


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I want a sweet treat that won’t blow my healthy eating plan. I want sweet, crunchy and over the top delicious.

Good news girlfriends! I found that treat and today I’m sharing the recipe with you, complete with pictures! It’s a great dessert to take to all those upcoming meals and parties. Everyone will want your recipe!

IMG_0292recipe pic



1 ½ cup (20 oz.) of crushed pineapple with juice

6 apples-I prefer Royal Gala

1 box of fat free, sugar free, instant vanilla pudding mix (or butterscotch)

1 tub of low fat cool whip

Place pineapple in a large bowl.




Core and cut apples into small pieces, leave peel on.




As you cut the apples add them to the pineapple. The pineapple will prevent the apples from turning brown. Stir apples and pineapple well.



Sprinkle ½ of the pudding mix over fruit and mix very well, until all the dry pudding is incorporated. Add the other ½ and mix well.





Gently fold in ½ of the cool whip, stir gently, then fold in the other ½.





Place in a covered bowl and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Here’s the great news girlfriends! One cup of Candy Apple Dessert contains:

75 calories

.5 grams of fat

2.3 grams of fiber

2.3 grams of protein

Enjoy a whole cup! Put it in a fancy bowl and eat it slowly, (I use a tiny dessert spoon) and savor every bite. It’s so yummy!




TODAY’S little STEP: Find a healthy dessert, like Candy Apple Dessert to enjoy over the holidays. You will feel empowered and not deprived!

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Tis the season for eating! My favorite foods – turkey, stuffing, gravy, pie, cookies, rich desserts and chocolates will be within my reach.

Everywhere I go there will be tempting goodies. Then I’ll add some holiday stress and I’ll have the perfect combination for overeating.

But this year is going to be different!

I have strategies!

10 Healthy tips to beat the holiday food frenzy.

        1. Be realistic. Don’t try to lose pounds during the holidays, instead try to maintain your current weight.

2. Plan time for exercise. Exercise helps relieve holiday stress and prevent weight gain. Get your 20 minutes of exercise everyday. Break it up into two 10-minute sessions. On a day when you overeat, add extra minutes.

3. Eat until you are satisfied, only the turkey needs to feel stuffed! Savor your favorite holiday treats. Sit down, get comfortable, and enjoy.

4.No mindless eating from the bowl of party snacks. Serve yourself on a small appetizer plate and physically move away from the food.

5. Leave a calorie allowance for dessert. If you love dessert and hate to miss out then make a point to cut back on the hors d’oeuvres or skip the bread. Or avoid the pasta and have mostly salad and veggies.

6. Put desserts on a small plate, or even better, on a napkin. It’s a simple trick: You can’t fit as much on a napkin, so you won’t eat as much. No trips back for seconds!

7.Just say ‘NO’! Don’t feel as though you have to say yes to everyone that offers you food. Don’t let yourself be bullied into eating something that you really don’t want.

8.Trim back on the trimmings. To shave calories, go easy when adding nuts, cheese, cream sauces, gravy, butter, and whipped cream. These additions don’t add much to the meal, but can add plenty to your waistline.

9. Wear snug clothes. When you wear snug-fitting clothes chances are you’ll feel full faster. No elastic waist pants for us girlfriends!

10. Be a food snob. If it’s not a 10 then it’s not worth the calories! Scan the choices for foods you truly treasure and skip the everyday dishes.

Here’s my healthy self-talk statement for the Holiday Season

holiday healthy self-talk

Healthy self-talk statement for the holiday season.

TODAY’S little STEP: Print this blog post and read it everyday of the Holiday season. Make these lifestyle changes.


Every little step makes a difference. Every mountain is climbed one step at a time.

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Do you find the summer a hard time to stay focused on getting healthy? Here are 20 tried and true tips to use this summer. Tips that really work! You’ll probably find ones you already use and that will be encouraging. Hopefully you will find some new tips that will make this summer one of your best!

I find summer difficult because there is less routine, more bbqs and summer vacations. A big part of summer vacation for my family is….. the food. When my extended family meets for a week of rustic camping we all bring our favorite treats and snacks. I bake some special treats just for that week at the lake. It seems I’m constantly going into the cabin to grab a little something. The evening campfires always involve sharing fun treats too.


I thought maybe we could share some of our strategies to deal with summer vacations. So here are some ideas I’ve found very helpful. I hope they help you too!

  1. Ditch the total deprivation mode. Allow yourself to enjoy your favorite treats. Totally depriving yourself will only make you feel sorry for yourself.

  2. Educate yourself, find out how many calories are actually in a s’more (it’s 268!). Decide if you really want to eat 3 or if 1 may satisfy your sweet tooth.

  1. Read the labels on snack bags. Find out how much the suggested portion is and how many calories it contains. Then eat the suggested portion.

  1. Don’t eat out of the bag. Always serve yourself a portion of snacks in a bowl. Mindless eating can lead you to eat way more than you need or want.

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Include some protein and fiber. You’ll feel full longer and you will have given your body some good fuel to start the day.

  1. Drink lots of ice-cold water. It will keep you hydrated. If you like pop, choose diet instead of regular. But limit yourself to one a day, as the artificial sweeteners are not healthy.

  1. Have some treats with your meal. Have your sandwich and raw veggies for lunch and then have a measured portion of some chips or cheezies. You won’t eat as much of the treat and you won’t feel deprived.

  1. Find ways to exercise everyday. Go for a long walk with a family member. Play games with your children, swim, canoe, and kayak; find fun ways to move your body everyday.

  1. When you are tempted by those treats and snacks, pop a piece of gum in your mouth. Your mouth will be busy and you are less likely to eat something sweet or salty.

10.  Treat yourself to a fruit tray and some prewashed vegetables. When the work of preparing has already been done, it makes it easier for you to make good choices.

11. When eating in a restaurant skip the appetizer, as it is usually high in fat. Have a salad with the dressing on the side. Choose an entrée that has meat, fish or poultry, either potatoes or rice and vegetables. Stay away from sauces and anything deep-fried.

  1. When visiting the ice cream shop choose your favorite flavor and order the smallest cone size. You will be satisfied and eat approximately 260 calories for 1 scoop or a baby cone, of something really yummy. With each scoop the calories add up much too quickly. If you are not careful, what was to be a treat becomes a whole meals’ worth of calories!

  1. When you do overeat, relax and don’t start the negative self-talk. Accept that you overate at that one meal. Forgive yourself and get back on track.

  1. Keep your discipline; enjoy treats and snacks in moderation. I suggest you not have days when you relax all your healthy eating rules. It’s too easy to slip back into those old comfortable habits. Stay disciplined!

  1. Plan your menu when camping to include lots of summer produce. We have an abundance of amazing fruits and vegetables available from local farmer’s markets and in our grocery stores now.

  1. When eating at a backyard bbq choose smaller portions of pasta salads as they usually have higher fat content. Instead choose the green salad and serve the dressing on the side. Have a hamburger and don’t eat the top bun. Choose fruit for dessert. When finished eating, leave the food area and visit with friends.

  1. Before you go on vacation increase your activity level and cut back on your calories. You will have built in a little cushion for the upcoming vacation and you won’t come home with extra pounds.

  1. Eat sweet treats with a meal. You will likely eat less than if it were a snack. Your blood sugar levels will be much more even.

  1. Put the snacks and treats in the cupboard. If it’s out of sight it’s out of mind. We often grab a treat just because we walked by it. No mindless eating, be intentional!

  1. Relax and enjoy your vacation! Enjoy your time away from your usual routine. Enjoy your family and the opportunity to make memories. Rest much, talk often, and laugh regularly. Summer is too short!

TODAY’S little STEP: Enjoy the summer with your family and friends. Practice the 4 little steps of Base Camp and pick 4 tips from this list to put into practice on your vacation.

Please share a tip that you have found works for you.

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