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Life still crazy? Take the summer challenge!

How’s your crazy life? It’s June and most schools are getting out soon. Church programs are winding down. The weather is warm, the days are longer and the summer is just around the corner!

Do you still feel stressed, grumpy and like life is too busy? Me too!

I recently read a great blog post by Michele Cushatt and she put out a great challenge. Check out her summer sabbatical plans. A challenge to unplug from social media, the Internet and some other computer related tasks for June and July!

Take the summerchallenge!

That seems pretty drastic but I wonder what we could do with that time?

Could we read a book?

Take a nap?

Work in the garden?

Go for a walk?

Chat on the phone with a friend?

Better yet meet for coffee with that friend?


Read the Bible?

Play with a child?

Just sit and enjoy the silence?

Play a game?

Stroll in the Mall and window shop?

Sit by the lake and watch the waves?

Oh that list sounds like fun to me! Things I’ve been too busy to do and miss in my life.

I extend a challenge to you today!

TODAY’S little STEP: Take a break from social media, or whatever technology takes up too much of your time. Get back to the basics. Rest your mind and your body and be refreshed!

I have prescheduled the next set of blog posts so that my blog spot is still active.

I will be taking a break from Facebook and Pinterest and using that time to rest and restore.

I will still be using Email and my phone.

Who’s with me?



Happy 2nd Anniversary!

My life is crazy! But crazy in a good way! This last weekend we celebrated my daughter Katie’s graduation from University with family and friends.

Don and I also celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary! How time really does fly!

We spent the whole weekend at the Elliott Lake House!

I reviewed the stats. from last year and found some of the most read posts.

Just click on the link and review some of your favorites!


Post Favorites


What she did to triumph and get healthy!


Every little step makes a difference!

Best use of 10 minutes of my crazy life!



1 sneaky trick to lose weight

non-food reward

21 non-food rewards for you!





Delightful pina colada yogurt, too yummy to be healthy?



Cinnamon maple chickpea nut – snack hack!







TODAY’S little STEP: Reread your favorite posts. Keep taking little steps of imperfect progress!

Happy Spring

I love spring!  It’s my favourite time of the year!

Our snow finally disappears and everything comes to life.


spring beauty

I took some pictures when we were at the cottage this weekend.

I am always excited when I see tiny shoots breaking through.


Tiny shoots breaking through

I am reminded of a verse my Mom quotes this time of year.

“When you send forth your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the ground”. Psalm 104:30

English Standard Version

We have a little brook right beside us.

 It’s so relaxing to hear the water trickling over the rocks.


little brook

We enjoyed a long weekend at the cottage.

We spent time with family and friends enjoying God’s wonderful creation.

I love to look at the lake.


cottage view

TODAY’S little STEP:  Enjoy this  delightful spring weather and stop for a minute to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation! It’s a wonderful gift!


Do you reward yourself with food? I’ve been choosing a little edible treat for years. It’s a habit that goes way back.

Back to when I was 3 and my Mom bought me a treat at the grocery store for good behaviour.

I’ve been rewarding hard work and good behaviour with a little indulgence for way too long!

I think maybe you have too?

It’s time to choose non-food rewards for a job well done.

On our health journey we need to reward ourselves along the way. When the scale says a number we like. When we walk a mile. When we get a compliment. When a pair of jeans is too loose. When we get a good report from the Doctor. When we feel energized and encouraged. When we feel pretty.

Be intentional about setting the time and money aside to reward yourself. You deserve a reward!

We need a reward that won’t sabotage our health journey.

Here are 21 non-food reward ideas!


non-food reward

21 non-food rewards for you!

TODAY’S little STEP: Reward yourself! Make a specific plan for when, where and how you will reward yourself. You are worth it!

For those of you who have young children or grandchildren get in the habit of using non-food rewards.

Keep up the good work! Remember every mountain is climbed one little step at a time.


Does exercise have to be hard,make you all sweaty, cost money and take hours of time? NO! FIND THE FUN! Find an activity you like to do, girlfriend! Then do it! 

High School Gym Class turned me off of exercise. I thought exercise was running a 5 K, playing European Hand Ball or climbing that stupid rope! I hated those activities! But those days are gone! When I choose the activity…I like exercise! My favorites are walking, bicycling, hiking, canoeing and kayaking. When the weather isn’t good I like to do Leslie Sansone’s walking DVDs. You can check out a 1 mile walk on youtube.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndVjwkaLGDk

So Girlfriend, start thinking about an activity you like to do. Instead of a list of possible activities for you to choose from, here are some questions to get you thinking.

  • Are you cleared by your Doctor to exercise? If you are new to exercise it is imperative that you visit your Doctor and have a wellness checkup first.

  • Indoors or outdoors?   If you work inside you may crave fresh air and sunshine. You can dress for the changing seasons and find activities for each. Or you may prefer indoor activities with climate control. You may like a mix of both.

  • Alone or with people? If you are a more social person think about joining a sports team or walking with a family member or friend. Being with people will help you stay motivated and accountable. If you like to exercise alone you may enjoy: walking, circuit training, jogging, weight training or walking on a treadmill.

  • Do you want to spend money? Some people do better if they join a gym. It helps them to go regularly because they paid for it. Or perhaps you will invest in a good treadmill or rowing machine. For others there is no room in the budget and exercise needs to be free. Decide which is best for you.

  • Personal trainer? You might want to invest in a few hours with a personal trainer. They will develop a program with your needs and wants in mind. You will also be taught how to do the exercises with proper form and how to use exercise equipment correctly. It will be well worth the money.

  • What is your daily schedule like? When can you exercise?  If you are a busy mother with young children your time for exercise needs to be well planned out. Possibly during nap time. Pop the kids in a stroller and go for a long walk. If you are employed outside of your home then you will also need to plan opportunities to exercise, perhaps during your lunch break or before you get home. Some people do better if they exercise first thing in the morning. Then it’s done.

  • Do you own a dog? Fido needs a daily walk. Be the one that takes him.

  • Are you competitive? Maybe you could join a team for recreational sports, basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey or ultimate Frisbee. As a member of the team you will have accountability. You’ll be missed if you skip out.

  • What have you tried before and quit? Why? Think about why it didn’t work. I bought an exercise bike, and I tried a ski machine. I found out that I find all machines very boring. I like outside better.

  • Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Perhaps there’s an exercise class that you would like. Zumba is the lastest fun one. Or maybe you’d like to join a walking group. Or train for a 5 K run or a half marathon! Be adventurous!

  • What did you like as a child? What felt like lots of fun when you were young? Maybe skipping, or dance or gymnastics or cross-country running. Most of those activities can still be continued as an adult. Find the fun again!

IMG_6782 beach

Walking is always a good back up plan.

Every little step makes a difference! 

Enjoyment is vital! It has to be fun! 

Be intentional; fit it into your day.

You need this lifestyle change, girlfriend!

TODAY’S little STEP: Find the fun – the physical activity you like best. Make a plan to fit it into your daily schedule. Just do it!

Share your fun ideas with your fellow mountain climbers by leaving a comment or sharing in our Facebook support group.