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Is getting healthy a burden you carry? Throw it away today!


Confused about what diet to try next or what new book to buy? Facebook and the Internet are always offering us some magic diet or worse, a magic pill. Don’t be taken in! There is no magic diet or pill. But there’s hope and help!

Instead of focusing on what food to eat or not eat or how long to exercise I encourage us to focus on Jesus!

Jesus wants to help us. He wants to be our Guide on our health journey.

I’m convinced that a personal relationship with our Guide is essential. Jesus Christ is my Saviour and my faithful Friend. I am so blessed to be called His daughter. I can’t imagine life without Him as my Guide.

But, some days I live like I don’t need a Guide. I’ve got things figured out. I like to be the one in control. I don’t need any help!

I look and sound like a wilful two year old. Ah yes that age when we strive for independence but without the skills to achieve it!


I don’t need any help!

Let’s imagine I am carrying a huge pack up a big hill.

I know that I can carry the pack. I have a plan. I’m strong. I don’t want any help.

The first 15 minutes I walk with confidence. Then I take a look at the hill. It starts to look too hard to climb. I won’t ever make it to the top. I feel like giving up.

I get grumpy. I start to complain about how hard it is to climb with this big pack. No one else has to climb with a pack. My life is harder than anyone else’s.

I’m not watching where I’m walking and I stumble over a root and fall. I fall hard on my hands and knees. I roll back down the hill. I get up and struggle on, grumbling and griping.

All the time my loving Heavenly Father is walking right beside me. He says, ‘Dixie could I carry that pack for you?’ I refuse His offer. I’m strong! I can do this on my own! I don’t need any help!

I’m frustrated and discouraged and feel like I’m not making any progress. In a fit of temper I glare at my Heavenly Father and throw down my pack. I shout, “I can’t take it anymore! It’s not worth it! It’s too hard!”

Then He smiles at me and He picks up my pack. He says, “ I’ve been waiting for you to ask for help.”   We continue the climb side by side. My Heavenly Father carries the huge pack. My steps are lighter.

Give your burden to Jesus!-2

Sound familiar? I’ve had different packs or burdens that I tried to carry. I’m guessing you have your burdens too.

Maybe getting healthy is a burden you’ve been trying to carry on your own. Jesus wants to help. Accepting help doesn’t mean you are not strong. It means you know your limits.

I’m getting better a letting Him carry the burden. I pour out my heart to Jesus. I relinquish control! I confess that I need His help. I find a verse from the Bible that encourages me.

The Bible says, “Casting all your care upon Him, because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Casting means throwing. Throw that burden down! Give it to Jesus and let Him carry it.

Some days I pick up the burden again. I have to keep giving it back to Him throughout the day.

He’s proven Himself over and over again! He is a good and trustworthy Guide.

Jesus wants to have a deep personal relationship with each of us. If you don’t already know Jesus as your Saviour and friend please know that He loves you. I would love to hear from you if you would like to know more about Jesus’ love for you. Leave a comment and I will be in touch. Or click on this link steps to life with Jesus


Today’s little step: Call out to Jesus. Throw your burden on Him. He will carry it for you. He wants to help; you just need to ask.




I’ve tried to change so many times. I can’t complete or follow through with anything permanently.

I start well and then tucker out. I slip back into my old habits.

My own willpower isn’t enough.

We can’t do it on our own.  We need God’s power!


Photo credit Zoe Magee

Consistency, discipline, willpower… whatever we call it, it’s hard work.But we have hope because of Jesus. Jesus adores you, girlfriend.He loves you more than  you can ever imagine. You are His beloved daughter.  No concern is too small for His attention. He wants to help. Call out to Jesus.

David knew what it was like to call out for help.  He says “Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my sighing. Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God, for to you I pray. In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” Psalm 5:1-3

Calling out to Jesus is prayer. Not like the blessings we say at meals or the bedtime prayers we learned as a child. Not even the kind of prayer we say when others are listening. We can tell Him the depth of our struggles because He cares and He has the power to help!

My good friend wrote this prayer from her heart. We can pray with her.

“Jesus, it’s me again. I feel like I’ve come to you with same cry for help for years, and yet, you have never brushed me aside. I want you to know how much I long for your peace, your comfort and all that you have to offer me. I feel like a dumb sheep, running off and getting into trouble, only to have you search me out and pull me back to yourself. I know I don’t deserve this many opportunities, but you keep on giving them to me.

“Please help me today to reach for you first and be filled with your power. Then because of Your power, I will be strong enough to resist the pull of worry, anxiety and all the things that cause me to satisfy my hunger with anything other than you.

“Finally, I can’t forget to say thank-you for how you are going to work things out for good in my life. Yes. Thank-you.  Amen”

Accessing Jesus’ power is the most important change most of us need to make in our journey up the Mountain of Health and Well-being. He is our Gentle Guide and we are attached to Him with the safety ropes of prayer. We don’t need to do this on our own willpower my friend. Let’s access Jesus power!

TODAY’S little STEP: Call out to Jesus in prayer. His willpower is available! When you feel weak or tempted, call out to Jesus! He will empower you!

Believe those good words my friend! If you have found this helpful please share it with your friends.

This past weekend my friend Cecile and I shared our stories at a Women’s Ministry Conference!  It was so great to connect with some new women.  Welcome to our mountain climbing team.  Click on  Base Camp to get started!  Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you and connect!

God has good plans for you!  Access His power!



How do I pray? Can I really pray about everything? Does God really care about the little details of my life? He sure does! God loves and adores you, and me, more than we can ever imagine. We are His beloved daughters. No concern is too small for His attention. He wants to help.

This January I was challenged to just choose one word for 2016. My word is prayer.

I would usually go buy a new book on prayer. However, this year I went straight to the Bible to read and study by myself. I’m not a Bible scholar. I’m a regular woman just like you. It has been an amazing learning experience. I have been studying where, when, and why Jesus prayed when He lived on earth. Here’s a just a little of what I’ve learned so far and how I’m applying it in my life.

Where? He often went somewhere to be alone. A few times it was on a mountainside or an olive garden. He went somewhere quiet. Jesus needed to be alone with God.

Jesus prayed somewhere quiet and where He could be alone.  

When? Jesus prayed before and after events in His life. He prayed after He found out that His cousin John the Baptist was murdered. He prayed after He ministered to groups of people.

He prayed before and after He performed miracles.

He prayed before He chose His disciples.

He prayed for the future ministry of His disciples.

He prayed just before He was going to have to die.

He prayed early in the morning before His day with people began. He prayed for most of the night, about 8 hours, on occasion.

Jesus prayed before and after events in His life and ministry. He prayed in the morning before His day began. He sacrificed sleep for the priority of prayer.

Why? Now this is the hard part to understand. He was God’s perfect Son so He didn’t need to pray for the same reasons we do. Or did He? He prayed about the details of His life because He needed to have a conversation with His Heavenly Father.

He prayed because He was very sad when John died. He was also very concerned for John’s disciples.

He prayed for the people He ministered to. He knew their needs.

He prayed before He chose His disciples because He wanted God’s input into that important decision. He prayed for His disciples and the important role they would have in His ministry.

He prayed before He died when He was in great distress. He prayed that God would be glorified even though He was dreading the crucifixion and the separation from God His Father.

Jesus prayed because He wanted to have a conversation with His Heavenly Father. He sought direction, He interceded on behalf of others and He listened to the Father.


What am I doing?  If Jesus needed to pray when He was here then so do I!

I’m easily distracted. If I sit a the kitchen table to pray I notice the placemats and wonder if I should get some new ones for spring. Before I know it I’m thinking about what color they should be and where I will buy them. Uh not good!

I’ve switched to another room with fewer distractions; it’s my War Room. I need to be alone and where it’s quiet.

I try to get up a little earlier so I can pray before my day gets too busy. It really sets the tone for the whole day. I’m praying for people and ministries. For direction in the big and little details of my life and those I love. I’m praying thorough out my day for patience, wisdom and grace.

I’m learning that prayer is my opportunity to talk to my loving Heavenly Father. As I spend time with Him I’m getting better at being quiet and listening. I’m not doing all the talking.

How are you doing? Are you calling out to God in prayer? Accessing God’s power is the most important change most of us need to make in our journey up the Mountain of Health and Well-being. Our health journey needs to be something we pray about. God will empower us and strengthen us when we ask for help.

God says,“Then you will call on Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:12  

TODAY’S little STEP: Talk to God in prayer. He loves you and He wants to help with all the details of your life. Access that power!

If you have found this helpful please share it with your friends.




Keep up the good work!

Hi friend, how are you?

I’m guessing you are crazy busy like me.

Just stopping by to encourage you to keep up the good work!

You’ve made some good little changes to your lifestyle. These little changes have made a difference!

You can keep it up over the Christmas season!

Food is central at every event we attend. However, we are doing some things differently this year! We’ve worked too hard to let one day of overeating begin the slide back to old habits.

We have some strategies; health-tips-to-beat-the-holiday-food-frenzy/.

We have a healthy self-talk statement because we control our actions with our thoughts.

holiday healthy self-talk

When our will power falters we can call out to Jesus because accessing His power makes the biggest difference. accessing-more-willpower-in-one-easy-step/


We can do it friend!

We can enjoy the Christmas season and start the New Year with no food regrets!

Every little step makes a difference.

Every mountain is climbed one step at a time!

TODAY’S little STEP: Rehearse some healthy self-talk. At each event or meal, practice some little tips to make healthy choices!


If you have found this helpful please share it with your friends.


We start each day with the resolve that this day will be different. We’ll make healthy food choices and go to the gym. But by the middle of the day we realize we’ve already blown it. Why is success so elusive? Keep reading to find the truth to why we fail.

I get up early on Monday morning. New programs always start on a Monday, right? I have a greek yogurt and fruit parfait for breakfast. I’m feeling good. Today’s the day; I’ve already made one good choice. I drive my daughter to school and come back to do some housework. Another cup of coffee with sweet creamer beckons me but I resist the call. I chew a piece of gum; it tastes sweet and keeps my mouth busy. I have to get out of the kitchen and away from all the food.

Then the phone rings, caller id says it’s my son, away at University. 45 minutes later I hang up. He’s stressed. My stomach twists and flips and my heart hurts for my boy. I remember him as a little boy, when I could fix his pain with a hug. I walk back into the kitchen, make a cup of coffee and add the sweet creamer and then a little bit more. I look in the cupboard. Cookies and chocolate soon melt in my mouth. I savour the taste of my sweetened coffee as I rehash the conversation in my mind. As I take my empty plate and cup to the kitchen I glance at the clock. It’s 10:30 in the morning and I’ve blown it…again, without even realizing it.

Maybe you deal with a toddler who tests the limits all day long or a cranky teenager who dumps on you, or maybe the sting from offhand unkind words from your husband. Before you are even aware of it you are eating something. Cookies or brownies – anything sweet – calms your nerves and helps you cope. Or perhaps chips or crackers, that salty and crunchy taste soothes your hurt feelings.

We fail often at this healthy living thing. We feel defeated, guilty and terribly disappointed. We beat ourselves up.

the surprising truth you need to be healthy

Why do we fail?

The secret to why we fail so often is…. are you ready for a hard truth?

We choose the food.

Chocolate chip cookies or potato chips don’t force themselves down our throats, girlfriend.

We choose food because it is a fast fix to the pain, hurt, stress or frustration we feel. We often call this emotional eating.

It may have started when you were a child and a cookie soothed a skinned knee. Maybe junk food got you through those stressful late nights of studying. Perhaps ice cream and lots of it helped you cope after a fight with your boyfriend. Somewhere along the way we learned that food provides the fast fix to the pain, hurt, stress or the frustration we feel.

Now it’s a habit. We don’t even think about it.

What we want to do this week is to start identifying when we choose food for emotional reasons. We will call these your triggers. During your day jot down some notes about your eating when it is not related to hunger. Before you go to bed look back over the day and figure out when you ate for emotional reasons. Keep a record for this week. Use your phone or computer or a little notebook.

My record would look like this


time? 10:30

event or trigger? -stressful phone call.

result?- ate cookies and chocolate with coffee

You get the idea? Keeping this record will help you see what your triggers are and if there is a pattern.

But that’s not all, girlfriend.   A list of what triggered you to eat isn’t very encouraging on it’s own. But it is a very important little step.

Becoming aware of your triggers, the pain, hurt, stress and frustration that caused you to turn to food is vital. When you learn the triggers then you can take some little steps to stop the old habits.

I know relationship stress is one of my triggers. Now I walk away from the cupboard. Most times I go for a walk. I’ve learned that a quick walk helps me cope. I come back relaxed. Food is losing its’ power to comfort me. It feels great!

Next week I’d like to share how faith in Jesus has encouraged me in this climb up the Mountain of Health and Well Being. Girlfriend, He wants to help you too!

Today’s little step: Identify when you are choosing food as a quick fix for pain, hurt, stress or frustration. Then when you become aware of the trigger, stop and get away from food.

Stop by the blog next week to learn more about strategies for dealing with our triggers.


Beginners guide to health – diet free!

We don’t need a new diet! There are little steps we can take to lose weight and get healthy. Little changes are easier to do and much healthier. Every little step makes a difference!

Hey Girlfriend and fellow mountain climber! We’ve been climbing this mountain together for a while now. I’m so glad to see you here today. You are making a difference in your health with every little change you make! Every little step makes a difference!

Every little step makes a difference!

Every little step makes a difference!

We’re just about ready to leave Base Camp! You did it girlfriend, you finished the first part of the climb!

Let’s pack up by doing a little review. You will find a link back to the original posts if you want to refresh your memory.

Here’s a quick outline of the four little steps of Base Camp!

 # 1 Backpack – no diet, just use a smaller plate or bowl at each meal or snack! https://littlestepstohealth.com/2015/06/22/1-sneaky-trick-to-lose-weight/

#2 Hiking boots – 10 minutes a day of intentional exercise

start with 2 five-minute periods if you’re new to exercise


#3 Helmet – repeat this healthy self-talk statement daily

“I can make small changes.

These little steps are easy for me to do and they make a difference.

Taking care of me is important!”


#4 Safety ropes – pray and ask Jesus for His help

Choose a verse to memorize.

Here’s a good verse to use to get started.

“Isaiah 41:13 For I am the LORD, your God,

who takes hold of your right hand and

says to you, “Do not fear, I will help you.”


Together we worked on these 4 little steps for at least 1 month. We made these little changes to our lives. These little steps make a difference!

We imagined a fireside encouragement chat with Jesus our Gentle Guide. He knows and loves us and says to us,   “Some of you have climbed this mountain before. You tried to do it alone and you gave up. You are so tired of trying and failing that you don’t want to try again.

But, you can do it, with Me as your guide. Claim my promises in the Bible. My promises can never be broken. I say to you in Isaiah 41:10 ‘So do not fear, for I am with you, do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you’.

This time you are not alone, I am holding your right hand. I will never let you go! You have safety ropes attached to Me.    I can guarantee that you will never be alone. In Hebrews 13:5b I say to you, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’ When you pray, remind Me of these promises, and claim them for yourself.”


Then we found an accountability partner. You did do this right girlfriend? We picked someone who is encouraging but firm. We checked in once a week and reported on our climbing progress!

If you haven’t found someone yet, I have a plan in the works for us to be able to communicate easily. More on that to come…. I am hoping to create a closed Facebook group for us. But that’s a big learning curve for me! But every little step makes a difference! LOL

This past week we learned that we’ve used food as a reward for way too long. We found some non-food rewards that are really fun!


If you haven’t already rewarded yourself, then it’s time! You deserve it Girlfriend!

TODAY’S little STEP: Review the requirements of Base Camp and keep taking those little steps. Reward yourself with a non-food reward. Grab your climbing equipment and get ready to climb to Camp #2!

Every little step makes a difference!


How does our Guide, Jesus, give us direction? Does He shout like a football coach? Does He call out the play and then blame us when we mess up? Or is He a gentle Shepherd that calls us quietly by name? Do we just stumble along on our own?  Does He tell us to follow Him on the path He has for us?

Our Guide is just like a Shepherd. He wants us to listen for His voice and to follow His directions and His path for us. Jesus often referred to His followers as sheep, an analogy that people could relate to. John 10:3-4 says, “The watchman opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen for his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice.”


Hey girlfriend. Are you one of Jesus’ lambs? Jesus loves you and wants to take care of you. He wants you on the safe path. I am one of His lambs. Jesus knows me. I recognize His voice because we spend time together talking. I used to do all the talking, but I have learned to listen for His voice. I follow Him because He is my kind Guide and He wants what is best for me.

 Click on this link to find out how to become a follower of Jesus. http://evangelismexplosion.org/resources/steps-to-life/

How do you recognize Jesus’ voice? I have learned that I need to be still and quiet. When Jesus speaks to me it is usually in the form of a very strong thought. Sometimes the strong thought comes when I am having my quiet time with Him and reading the Bible. A verse seems to be written just for me. Or sometimes it’s when I’m driving alone, or doing housework. Often the thought feels like it comes ‘right out of the blue’. Then that same thought or idea comes to my attention again and again through sermons, Christian radio and conversations. When Jesus wants me to listen He uses lots of ways to get me to pay attention.

Jesus gave me the idea to start a blog. I listened to His voice but I sure didn’t obey right away. I whined and whimpered like a tired 2 year old. I was miserable.

Our conversation, over a number of months, went something like this….

Jesus: I want you to start a blog.

 But Jesus I don’t know anything about blogging. I don’t like technology. Things always go wrong on the computer. Can’t I do something that doesn’t involve the computer? Please, please?

Jesus: Dixie, you can do this. Go do some research. Use the Compel Training that you have signed up for. You like to learn, you’re smart. You can do it.

 But I don’t know what I could say that someone else already hasn’t said. There are so many blogs already. What would be my focus or my niche?

Jesus: Dixie, remember your Tuesday morning Bible Study group of 9 women? I want you to share those same ideas on your blog. I want you to help a different group of women with their struggle to get healthy and well. Share the mountain climbing theme.  

 But I’m scared Jesus. I don’t want to do this. What if no one reads it?

Jesus: Tell these women about Me. Tell them I love them and care about all the details of their lives. I want to help them. I’ll give you the words. 

 I need to be sure that this is Your idea. Please give me clear direction.  I don’t think I can do this!

Jesus: Keep reading my word. Trust Me Dixie. I have a plan for you.

Then I found these verses that seemed to be written just for me!

“Now what I am commanding you is not too difficult for you or beyond your reach. No, the word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so you may obey it. I have put my words in your mouth. My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you. I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.’” Deuteronomy 30:11,14; Isaiah 51:16; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10b; Isaiah 41:13 & 48:17. 

On May 7, 2015 I was obedient to my gentle Guide’s promptings. I stepped out and walked on the path that He had for me. He helped me overcome all the obstacles and littlestepstohealth.com was created!

Obedience is always the right path to take, especially when we have a gentle Guide that wants the very best for us!

What I didn’t realize is that obedience brings an amazing feeling of peace.

Are you listening for our Guide’s voice? What step of obedience is He asking you to take?

TODAY’S little STEP: Take some time this week and be quiet. Ask our Guide to speak to your heart and mind. Listen for Jesus’ voice and He will give you clear direction.