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Stop that stinkin thinkin!

Why do we so often get frustrated and fail with our good intentions to get healthy? We always try to change our actions first. But I’ve learned that we need to change how we think first and then the actions follow!

Our brain and what we think and believe impacts what we do.

Is there a running dialogue going on in your mind right now?

The nasty voice that says, ”Why even try again, you always fail? You’re just doomed to be fat. You’re too old to change now. You’ve tried to lose weight before and you always fail”.

Don’t listen to those lies!

We say things to ourselves that we would never say to a friend.

I call it ‘stinkin thinkin’!

In her book Change Your Habits, Change Your Life Danna Demetre says that our brain is programmed for the most dominant thought to win.

She describes how our brains work.

Thoughts that we think all the time form a physically larger neuron pathway in our brain, like a superhighway. We aren’t even aware that we are thinking them. They have become habits.

Thoughts that are rarely experienced are like little-overgrown pathways.

But the exciting news is we can change the neuron pathways.

When we stop thinking a group of thoughts, that highway can shrink.

When we start to think a new thought, a pathway can become a highway!

Danna says:

think new thoughts


So what’s the lie cruising down your neuron superhighway?


What is that nasty voice saying to you?

Really listen especially when you are frustrated because your clothes don’t fit or when you step off that stupid bathroom scale.

Take a minute and write it down.

Then replace that lie with the truth.

Here’s head start. Here’s a healthy truth statement for you.

Taking care of me is important. I’m worth it!  Little steps are easy for me to do and they make a difference.

Next week we will focus on our spirit, the truth that comes from our Great God, and His good words.

That’s where the power to change really comes from.

TODAY’S little STEP: Listen to your stinkin thinkin. Identify a lie you believe. Replace it with the truth.

What’s your stinkin thinkin?  I’d love to hear from you!




“I’ve tried to lose weight before and I always fail. I can’t exercise. I have no time for me. I’m just going to be fat and frumpy forever”. Is this the running dialogue going on in your mind right now? Don’t listen to those lies girlfriend! Replace those nasty statements with the truth!


Here in Ontario, Canada in the winter we have several feet of snow! I watch my neighbour who chooses not to shovel his driveway. He drives in and packs the snow under his tires. Eventually he can only drive in the ruts. However, when the temperature warms up the snow softens. I hear the revving engine and the spinning tires.

He’s stuck in those ruts he made.

car stuck in snow

Just like my neighbour we can get stuck. We think the same thoughts over and over again. We start to believe those thoughts are true. We get stuck in thought ruts.

“Your brain is programmed for the most dominate thought to win,” says Danna Demetre. When we think negative statements continually they impact us. Eventually our feelings and our actions follow these thoughts.

If you feel fat and frumpy it’s because you believe the lie that you are thinking and telling yourself. So what can you do about this nasty self-talk?

It’s time to replace those old thoughts with truth.

Danna says, “ to feel, or act differently, we must purposely think new thoughts and take new action.”

This new thought process is Biblically sound.

The Bible says, “ take every thought captive to obey Christ”. 2 Corinthians 10:5.   God knows the power our mind has over us and He regularly cautions us to check our thoughts.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things”. Philippians 4:8

The very first thing God tells us to think about is truth!

God knows the struggles we have with our thought processes.

It’s time to identify the lies and write out truth statements.

To help you get started I have written a healthy self-talk statement to repeat throughout your day. This repetition will change your thinking, your feelings and eventually your actions.

Today’s little step: Start to identify the unhealthy self-talk that is going on in your thoughts. Replace those thoughts with this healthy self-talk statement. Repeat it out loud, throughout your day.

I am a beautiful, beloved daughter of the King. I am making small changes to be healthy. Every little step does make a difference. Taking care of me is important.

Author and speaker Danna Demetre impacts my health journey. I highly recommend her books and programs. http://www.dannademetre.com

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