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Can I trust God when life is hard?

Is life rough right now? Are you being asked to do really hard things? Or maybe you are watching someone you love go through tough times?

Last week I told you about my good friend who is gravely ill. She is still in ICU. She has made progress in some areas and a few steps back in others.


Trusting God when things don’t make any sense is one of the hardest things for me to do.

I want there to be a sense of order.

I want to understand what the purpose is.

I want the hard things to stop. I want the people I love to have no trouble in life.

The ‘I want’ statements all come down to this – I want to be in control!

But I am not. God is!

This weekend I searched my Bible for answers.

GQVPIS7V8S bible

I know that might sound like a smug, pious statement. But it’s not.

It’s where we should go when we don’t know what to do!

It’s where I go to find out what God says.

It’s where I go to find out how to respond to hard things.

When you really search, you find answers! I found words I didn’t even know were in the Bible.

God tells me to “Hold fast to the hope you profess for He who promised is faithful” Hebrews 10:23.

I speak and write about hope. Now is the time for me to hold tight to that hope.

Right now when things don’t seem to make any sense – God is faithful.

He has proven Himself trustworthy many times.

I need to remember times when I saw God at work.

Times when with hindsight I caught a glimpse of God’s purpose. Times when the only hope I had came from God.

God tells me to “Fix your thoughts on Jesus” Hebrews 3:2.

Wow. I didn’t know that was a verse in the Bible.

I thought it was a line from a song.

When my crazy thoughts go down the worst-case scenario path I need to capture them.

I need to focus my thoughts on Jesus.

When I do, I get the perspective I need.

Jesus loves me. Jesus is in control.

Jesus wants me to grow to be more like Him.

Jesus has a plan.

Jesus loves everyone!

God reminds me to “Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again. Rejoice” Philippians 4:4.

God wants me to praise Him even when things are hard. That’s not easy to do.

But I thought I would give it a try and I thought about my friend in ICU and what I could be thankful for.

I can thank God for caring Doctors and Nurses and good medications   I can thank Him for members of her family who care and advocate for her.

I can thank Him for all the people who are praying for her. I can thank Him that my friend knows and loves Jesus.

I can thank Him that He is in control and that He has a plan.

I was pleasantly surprised that with the right attitude I really could find things to praise God for.

It helped me realize that God is present in all of this.

I wrestled in prayer.

I wept.

I realized I can relinquish the control into His hands.

God says to me, “For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; who says to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you’ ”. Isaiah 41:13.

I have fear.

Fear about the uncertain future for my friend.

Fear about her suffering and pain.

Fear about my role in her illness and how I will help her.

But God reminds me that He holds my hand. That I don’t need to fear because He promises to help!

That’s the best kind of help.

God’s words have power.

These words feel like they were just for me.

But it is my hope and prayer that they touch you and your life too!

Trusting God?

I’m learning and growing and I want to encourage you to do the same!

Today’s little step: Fix your thoughts on Jesus! You will get the perspective and the presence you need for life.


When life knocks you down. Can God be trusted?

What do we do when life knocks you down? When a phone call changes your life forever?

A few days before Christmas my husband’s brother Barry died instantly from a blood clot. He was only 58, in good health, and working daily as an Associate Pastor. His ministry to families and children in his community was vibrant. He was a superb husband and father. We were in shock and searching for understanding.

Trusting God when His plan doesn’t make sense is… intense.

Grief is very real! It’s messy, nasty and tougher than we ever imagined.

So how do we cope? What do we do?

I have learned that I have to trust God

for who I know Him to be.

God is loving. He cares about all the details of my life. As my loving Heavenly Father He can handle my raw emotions. I cry out in my pain. I rant and rave in anger. I rage about injustice and unfairness. He’s a big God. He can handle it. His love is unconditional.  “pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge.” Psalm 62:8

God is omniscient. He sees the whole picture. I only see my small part. He knows how this event will affect my life and the lives of many others. He knows how this will impact His ministry and who will come to know Him as their loving Heavenly Father. I watch for how God is at work and that helps me see some of His big picture.



God is wise. He knows that hard times teach me. He knows that hard times send me to my knees in prayer. Hard times send me to my Bible to search for His promises and His purposes. Hard times give me sensitivity to other people’s pain.

I trust God because of His promises.

God will never leave me. When life knocks me down I’m not in control. I don’t like uncertainty. It frightens me. But, I know God will never leave me! I hold His hand tightly but He never lets mine go! “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. Isaiah 41:10

God will give me peace. Peace that helps me sleep. Peace that gives me patience to wait. Peace that helps me think straight. Peace that helps me cope with each new hour of each new day. Peace that gives me hope for the future. “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”.    Philippians 4:7   When I experience His peace I understand why the Bible says it is a peace that passes understanding.

I trust God because He will send help and hope.

I have seen God’s hand in many ways, the lyrics of a song that spoke right to my heart. A Pastor’s Sunday message that seemed written just for me. A friend’s invite for dinner, or the words in a letter or card that cheer me and give me hope. God sends His good people to reach out with loving acts of service.

I trust God because He’s proved He is trustworthy.

I am watching to see how God is at work in these hard days and what He is teaching me.

TODAY’S little STEP: Find one of God’s promises. Claim His promise. Memorize His promise. Believe His promise.

I’d love to hear how our Great God has been at work in your life. What hard time has God brought you through? What is He teaching you?

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